Century ride here I come

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on January 7th, 2011
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Every morning should start with a little bit of this…

With a cheery friend who looks like this…

(yes I promise the Santa and Christmas pictures are coming to an end very soon)

Oh and don't forget this….

Yes friends that would be the most beautiful foamed milk YOU HAVE EVER SEEN! I love foamed milk. It just takes your coffee to a whole new level. My mom and I pride ourselves on our foam. I will admit that there have been mornings where we take pictures of it, send it to each other and then to my uncle who is our foam rival.

Every family member reading this best comment on my foam!

And all of you coffee lovers…take up foaming. It will change your life forever. All you need is to get you a frother.

I mean that is just beautiful!

Okay, on to business.

Century Ride 2011

At approximately 11am eastern standard time on Friday January 7, I will be officially signing up for my 100 mile bike ride! Goal #3…I'm gonna get you baby!

I will be riding the Audi Best Buddies Challenge from Boston to Hyannis Port on June 4, 2011!

The reason I picked this race was two fold: One, I wanted to do an event for charity. A charity that I could not only raise money for but also provide volunteer help from here on out. Best Buddies is a fantastic choice! The second reason was for the support. From what I have read this race is very well supported, managed and organized. I'm not going to get on a bike for 100 miles and not feel confident that I would be safe and provided any help should anything go crazy! :)

Century Training

So this weekend I am meeting with THE MAN. My brother, an 8 time Ironman. He will be crafting some ridiculous training program for me that I will likely only be able to complete half of (just kidding- I'm all in for this one but he is slightly umm…intense shall we say).

I begin training on Monday. Why so gosh darn early you ask? Well for starters, I certainly have a lot of work to do. I go to spinning class anywhere from 2-4 days each week. But spinning is very different from a 100 mile endurance ride. Endurance training is a specific approach to exercise. Similar to marathon training…you start slow and progressively build up your aerobic base with targeted workouts (speed, distance, intensity, etc…) throughout the week followed by a long endurance ride on the weekend.

I'm getting excited just thinking about it!

How does this impact my fitness now? In the past few months I've been doing more high intensity workouts (kickboxing + interval spinning classes). I will be shifting that to a combination of endurance (lower heart rate, aerobic focus, longer time) with interval work (higher intensity, anaerobic focus, short bursts of speed, shorter time). I am also adding strength training back into my routine 3x a week. I miss my weights! I have not been consistently doing a strength training routine since August. I miss the strength it gives me, the power, the energy and the overall definition in my body. My core has suffered which means my back has suffered.

Time is changing over here friends! New routine for 2011!

Watch out for my training program which I will certainly share with you all as well as my new strength training plan!

Here is where I will be careful:

1. I will listen to my body. If it speaks to me I listen. I rest if it says rest. 100 mile bike ride is intense. I have never completed an endurance event like this and I will tread very carefully as I begin.

2. I will fuel my body. Endurance training demands a different way of fueling. Will I be living off of Gu, gels, Shot Blocks and anything else I can get my hands on? Absolutely not. My body has never tolerated those sport supplements well. But I will be creative with ways to fuel before, during and after my rides. Homemade energy bars and glucose gel are on the list as are new ways to get the immediate energy my body demands during a ride. More to come!

3. I will have fun! This century ride is not a RACE. It is an event where I will meet new people, support a tremendous cause and check out the gorgeous scenery along the way. If at any time I am not having fun I will reevaluate what I'm doing, shift my training to better adapt my needs and then take it from there. As I've always said friends- exercise is something we need to do for the rest of our lives. Being active is a necessary piece to health so you better enjoy it! Or else…it won't last.

Now how am I going to be training during these crazy winter months in Boston?

I give you something that has been in our bedroom in a box for nearly a year (so sad!)…the bike trainer!


This is not the exact trainer that we have. There are many options out there to pick from and if you are interested in getting one the best place to start is at your local bike shop. They can help guide you to a trainer that fits your needs.

I am very happy to say that I will be biking in the cold mornings in my warm home watching the Today show! I imagine many, many ridiculous pictures are to come.

So, there ya have it friends! Century ride plan is in effect!

Any other crazies out there training for an endurance event? Share your thoughts!

Question of the day: what new plans are you putting into place to move you towards your goals?

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7 Responses to “Century ride here I come”

  1. Mom says:

    I am so proud of you – the foam is superior!!!!! Way to go – love you, Mom

  2. Casey says:

    That is pretty amazing foam… Also, I think "intense" is an understatement to describe the Ironman…

  3. How EXCITING!!! I could never imagine taking on a goal like that. You are going to do so awesome. I love your approach to it. :)
    Tina @ Faith Fitness FunĀ“s last [type] ..The Last Day

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