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Posted by Jennifer Campoli on January 27th, 2011
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Morning friends!

I bid you hello from snowy Boston. Mother Nature has delighted us with another 10+ inches of snow. I think I'm done with the color white.

I have a question for ya…

How do you start your mornings typically? Are you an early riser or do you like to hit snooze and squeeze out every extra second of sleep? Do you workout first thing? Do you jump in the shower and rush to work?

I'll be honest, working from home has allowed me a great deal of flexibility with my time. I love rising early but when my sleep schedule isn't consistent (and it currently isn't and hasn't been for months), I have a very hard time getting up. My day usually starts with some snoozing, unless I'm teaching a class. Then when I finally peel my body out of bed I feel anything but refreshed and start by yelling at myself for not getting up sooner.


Then I rush to the computer, open my calendar and try to get cranking.

Not exactly a pleasant start my friends. And this is often how I feel.

I am craving a more gentle, kind, and enjoyable start to my day. Earlier this week I was crafting my schedule for each day and I had the idea of writing in 15 minutes every morning for a time I am calling Daily Balance. Daily Balance occurs right when I wake up and it is ME TIME, dedicated to anything that feels…well really nice at that hour!

I love inspirational quotes, passages and readings about goals, positive affirmations, relaxation, and balance. Finding inspiration from these areas centers my mind, helps me focus on my breathing, frame my thoughts for the day, and brings new light to my goals.

So I am turning to YOU today for more material.

Where do you seek balance, inspiration or moments for only you throughout the day? What do you like to do that calms your mind?

Do you practice yoga in the morning? Do you have breathing exercises to turn to?

I've started to search for books, a few sites and filling sources to turn to. Here are a few that I have uncovered so far…


Zen Habits

Habit Forge

Daily Glow


Daily Inspiration for Women

A Year of Living Consciously

My hope is that this time for daily balance will be a source of balance, inspiration and calm for me. Starting your day refreshed, no matter what that looks like for you, can have such an impact on your mentality, level of happiness, ability to accept and move through challenges, and your ability to reach goals and dreams.

So let's gather as many sources of daily balance. Share what you have learned, what you have tried and what else you might be looking for!

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2 Responses to “Daily Balance”

  1. Good morning,

    I start each day, while still in bed quietly reflecting for a few minutes (5-10 minutes) on how I want to approach the day and am usually joined by a purring cat. Also I write in a gratitude journal each morning, with my cup of tea. Throughout the day I make sure I step back to breath and stretch. To close my working day and transition into my personal time at night with exercise (dance, yoga, Zumba, walking, yard work…). Finally I use my cooking time as contemplative time too. Maybe something sparks your interest and help you find your own best mix for daily balance. Each day that balance is different for me and will be for you too.


  2. So many incredible ideas Deirdre! THANK YOU! I love the feeling that starting your day with a few minutes in bed, before your feet even touch the ground. And there is nothing like a purring pet to start your day off well.

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