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Posted by Jennifer Campoli on January 19th, 2011
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Hey there friends!

How is your week going? We have been snowed on, rained on and now sleeted on. Boston is grand sometimes in the middle of January. :) New England I heart thee.

The past two days have been full blown IIN days, with four client appointments drizzled in somewhere. I have taken in an incredible amount of information and I find my mind buzzing every minute of the day. I love it!

But I noticed something unexpected last night…

Yesterday I was knee deep in nutrients, digestion and food choices. I watched the documentary Food Matters and found myself staggered yet again by the health of our nation. When I finally put my book down at 11pm last night and looked at the food I had eaten throughout the day, I felt defeated. I felt unhealthy. I felt that I was still, still after over two years of trying to better myself and my body, I was still not there.

I found myself saying that in order to be "healthy" I was going to have to do this, eat that, forget that, try that, move that, find that and focus on that. I was going to have to abandon all that I was doing and overhaul my life.

Instead of looking at this new education and wealth of information as a resource and a way to learn…I was telling myself that I wasn't doing enough. Let me explain a bit more.

Much of my struggle with my body, weight and food has been rooted in the desire to meet a perfect standard. I have walked around for much of my adult life telling myself that I was not good enough. No matter what I did, no matter how hard I tried…it was never enough. According to who? According to me. Not only was I not good enough but I didn't accept myself for me, right here, right now.

That mentality breeds struggle and frustration.

As I have slowly shifted much of my life, how I see myself and how I see my decisions, I have focused on letting go of that mentality. It was destructive and I was missing out on my life because of it. But sometimes, that mentality creeps right back in to your mind like the best friend you've always had. And that is what happened yesterday.

Yesterday I spent much of the day thinking about all the things that needed to change in my life, my kitchen, my pantry, with my body, with my daily decisions….on and on and on. I felt that if I didn't fit this new standard of health, I wasn't enough. BINGO!

That old mentality was showing it's big and bright head, lights flashing and all.

So what am I going to do about it?

This morning I made my cup of mint tea, I sat down before the day began and I had a chat with this mind of mine. And here is what I said:

1. You are an incredible woman.

2. Health begins with a small choice. And then another small choice. And then another. Health begins with YOU wanting to feel better and then deciding that each day will feel just a bit better than yesterday.

3. Health is not about perfection. It is not about fitting a standard that requires more work than play. Health is about life.

4. Take the incredible information you are given and use it as a source for inspiration. Look for small ways to feel better and to treat your body better. Small ways. Small ways.

We have more health information at our fingertips now than we ever have before and yet…we are NOT a healthy nation. And I am beginning to think that part of reason for this unhealthy picture is that we don't know where to begin. We don't know how to fit this very high standard of health. Maybe the idea of being "healthy" is too overwhelming or feels to complicated. I know that is how I felt last night!


So today I am doing one new small thing for my health. I'm going back to the basics. I want to feel well, I want to feel energized, I want to know that I am putting my self and my body in the best place I can. But that will not involve major overhauling.

That involves a small step here and then another small step there.

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