A treat a day?

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on December 6th, 2010
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Morning friends!

This weekend flew, I mean FLEW by.

It started with this disaster…

And finally ended with this…

Ahhhh….how do I love a clear floor and a room that you can actually walk around in that was once your house dump.

We had let our guest bedroom get OUT OF CONTROL! It started in May, worsened in July with our wedding and then became an apparent disaster this fall. Something had to be done.

So I put on my favorite Pandora holiday music channel, lit a pumpkin pie candle because I am still missing the fall and WENT TO TOWN! I like to think that my good Ms. Baking Barbershop inspired me as I helped her move this weekend. Anytime you get around moving boxes and thoughts of organization….things can happen.

My suggestions when you go out on full attack, cleaning mode?

1. Start in on area. When I get the urge to attack it is often a result of walking around the house and noticing EVERYTHING that needs to be tended to. I get overwhelmed, frustrated and my poor husband has to convince me that we will get to it all. Lesson out of this for me? Pick your single battle. Finish it. Then move on.

2. Make a list. Lists just make everything more fun! And you get to cross everything off as you do it! Cleaning lists keep me on task so that I don't end up running to Target to buy every god forsaken container that I THINK we need to store items. Make a list folks and everyone will do fine.

3. Consider your vision of organization and keep it flexible! I had everything sorted in my mind before I even began with this room. This goes here. That belongs there. I'll create a space there. We have little, if any storage in this lovely home of ours so I'm always working out scenarios of where to put what. And it never works out as I plan for it to. Stay flexible. Turn up the tunes and work it out.

A treat a day?

Week 2 of holiday tips boys n girls!

This one is sneaky! And I love it. It works for some, not for others. As with everything said here at LiveWellFitNow, take the ideas, make it your own or toss it to the side if it doesn't fit!

So…here we go.

Everywhere you go during the holidays you see treats, cookies, chocolates, pie, sparkly things filled with who knows what that taste incredible, winter warmer drinks drizzled with caramel, eggnog everything and more peppermint bark than I know what to do with.


Treats are everywhere!

Consider this idea: have a treat every single day. Enjoy your most favorite baked good, shortbread cookie, chocolate candy, warm gingerbread and everything in between! You pick, you design, you have fun with it.

Why do this when I could save up for Friday and Saturday night when I hit up all the holiday parties and the tables will be covered in food?

Having a small something everyday does a few things for you:

1. It tells your mind and your body that you can indulge

2. It tells your mind that you are not restricting these wonderful foods (removes the power these foods can have over you)

3. It allows you to enjoy decadent foods in smaller quantities leading (no weight gain, no guilty-I-never-should-have-had-that talk)

Treats become less of a big deal when we allow them!

Now, you can abuse this idea very easily. A treat a day is not a giant slice of cake bigger than your hand after a full dinner. Nor is it 3 glasses of eggnog simply because Jenn said you could have a treat each day.

A treat a day is one small piece, slice, or glass of whatever you choose! Not 5, not 3, not second portions.

Here is my next request: eat/drink it slowly! Savor it, enjoy it. Notice how perfect one piece or just a few bites of something can be. Notice how little you actually CRAVE or NEED to satisfy that sweet tooth.


What may happen? A day or two here and there you might forget about your treats. You might wake up on Thursday and realize you hadn't even thought of that tin of homemade peppermint candy cane chocolate cookies! Your body and your MIND might just need less treats than you ever thought. Who knows!

So…consider this. Try this.


A treat a day.

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2 Responses to “A treat a day?”

  1. Kate says:

    What great tips! :) I had the most incredible Peppermint Bark cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory yesterday while shopping with my mom. I balanced it out and had cereal and vegetables for dinner. I would rather eat something like that than store-bought anything.

    I love organizing and definitely think making a list and tackling one spot at a time is the best way to do it! :) I'm getting ready to help my mom organize their home to make it easier to sell in the next 5 years when they retire. We're going to put music/a movie on and treat ourselves with a bottle of wine. :)

    Hope you're having a good start to your week!

  2. Jenn says:

    Hi girl! Peppermint Park CHEESECAKE? That sounds DEVINE!!!! :) And I'm right with ya hun- everything and I do mean everything can fit into your life (and your belly) if you respect your body, honor your hunger and let go of deprivation!

    Putting on music/movie and including a bottle of wine makes everything happen in life in this house! :) Enjoy!!!

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