100 + 200 Challenge

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on November 15th, 2010
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Last week there was lots of chatter in parts of the world about the 100 Push Up Challenge.

My interest was finally peeked.

I started to explore.

Not just one challenge?

I landed on this site.

I performed not one but two initial tests.

I accepted the challenge.

Oh yeah…


It's going to be a beautiful 6 weeks!

I've known about the Push Up Challenge for a good while now. But last week, for some reason I wanted it!

I landed in the 11-20 push up category for week one (I was able to do 16 push ups for the initial), so week 1 looked like a blast! Saturday morning my 5 sets looked like this: 11, 15, 9, 9 and then max (I did 17).

I was sore every. single. day.

My initial test for situps was 48 but rather than skip ahead as the program suggested I decided to start with the same level as my push ups to keep it easy and consistent.

Again, I was sore every. single. day.

But it's been fun!

I had been wanting to change up my strength routine lately and this fit perfectly! I started a new round of Chalean Extreme about a month ago but I noticed that I just wasn't into it! It happens. We get bored. We get distracted. Rather than abandon the program entirely I'm supplementing these two challenges alongside 2-3 Chalean workouts a week which I think will work really nicely.

I like exercise to be a blast. I like to look forward to it. I like to feel energized during and after it. If I'm dreading it or if I'm bored…I won't "be there." I'll check out during the workout. I won't pay attention to my body or my form and I won't focus on the movement. All of that equals less work. Less effort.

So enter the 100 Push Up and 200 Sit Up challenges. A fun way to carry me into the holiday season.

I will have arms and abs of steel.

Of course I will.

I will.

Really. :)

Want to join the challenge with me guys 'n gals? It's going to be fun! We could do this together, complain about sore muscles and brag to the world that we can do bad a$$ pushups and situps all day!

Weekend happenings…

I visited a one of my favorite couples this weekend in Connecticut. The best part was catching up. The second best part was the gorgeous breakfast prepared for me. Take a look (WARNING: iphone pictures ahead)

Gorgeous, gorgeous homemade vanilla with a touch of cinnamon waffles

My plate and yes, oh yes of course I went for more!

Beatrice sunned herself as we ate

"I am beautiful and I know it. I know, you're jealous"

Have a most incredible MONDAY!!!

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2 Responses to “100 + 200 Challenge”

  1. Those challenges look so fun to me to try after the baby. I have SO many things I want to try after this baby though. I'm going to have to figure out how to organize it all in a good way.

  2. Jenn says:

    I bet you do girl! I know you are anxiously awaiting to begin…as you have been, soak these last weeks up!

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