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Posted by Jennifer Campoli on October 29th, 2010
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Hello friends!

The weekend is so close! Can you feel it? What plans are in store for you this Halloween weekend? After a few days of warm 70 degrees, the cold has arrived in Boston and it likely isn't going away.

Saturday I will be enjoying many tastes of my favorite type of beer- PUMPKIN of course! We are headed to the Cambridge Brewing Co Pumpkin Brew fest on Saturday. The event involves over 20 types of pumpkin brewed beer plus a giant pumpkin that they "tap" at the end of the evening with a homemade pumpkin ale. Delish!

Yesterday I spent the day with the folks from Spinning (Mad Dogg). It was MOST incredible day of bike form, technique, coaching, lots of spinning and even a few new friends. There are so many awesome people in the fitness industry and I am like a girl in the candy store when I get around them. Now I am "pre certified" and can teach classes as I study for the formal certification exam. That exam will be completed before Thanksgiving friends. I'm putting that out there so now you can ask me about it before I eat my stuffing!

The workshop got me thinking about something…something I haven't really discussed here yet. Something that I have found can be a very powerful component to fitness, to exercise, to health and to success.


Visualization. What  do you know about it? Is it something that you have used? I hadn't a few years ago.

I first learned about visualization at my job in child life. When children experience pain, fear or anxiety, visualization can be a powerful tool to help them focus on relief, happiness, joy, healing, and soothing feelings. It was amazing to watch how a child's imagination can help ease the pain, providing them with stories of joy, peace and healing.

But I never knew I would begin applying visualization in my life.

You see, every desire begins with a thought. When that thought takes root in your mind, it grows into an idea, a goal, maybe even a dream. Visualization can take that thought and give it life, details, emotion, a picture that you can feel. A picture that you experience. And then you make it a reality.

Visualizing sparks your imagination.


A few years ago I was in pain nearly everyday from the torn disc in my back. My injury prevented me from standing for long periods, from running, from exercising. It prevented me from doing what I loved. When I found the chiropractor that provided me with answers and relief, she gave me one prescription: to build my core muscles. My core was so weak that my back had been compensating for years.

My body was deconditioned. Everything hurt. But I had one thought: I want to run again.

I remember lying on the floor one day after doing the plank for 10 seconds (that was all I could do). I closed my eyes and thought about my body and my core. I saw my body move. It was strong, my core was strong. I had no pain. My posture was straighter. I had even grown an inch as I stood taller. I felt free. I felt powerful. I was smiling. I was running. My chest filled with excitement, joy and real emotion thinking about this dream. I could FEEL IT.

I opened my eyes and felt confident. I felt happy. My chest was filled with emotion and one thought: I knew I would run again. I felt it.

And so every day I did the same thing. I sat down for 3 minutes and I visualized. I thought about this dream. I gave it life, emotion and excitement everyday that I could.

One year later I ran a mile WITH NO PAIN.

Two years later I ran 6 miles WITH NO PAIN.

And I know that my visualization was a key component to making my dream become a reality. And now visualization is something I try to do every. single. day. The night before my spinning certification I thought about the three hours of riding I was going to do. I thought about my body, my muscles, my strength. I pictured the ride, how I would feel. I gave it LIFE. Ask me how my rides felt?

The best two rides I have ever had.

So, think about how visualization might help YOU!


Here are a few thoughts on beginning:

Begin by closing your eyes and picturing your dream. Your desire.

Pay attention to the details, the sights, the smells, the feeling. Allow yourself to experience this dream as though it were a reality. How do you want to feel, how do you want to change, what surrounds you. Use as many of your senses as you can.

This first step is where your dream is given a life. Take as much time as you need.

Connect your mind with your body. Think about how you want to feel, to move, to look.

Allow every positive emotion that you want to feel fill your body. Feel the happiness, the excitement, the inspiration. Really let yourself feel it.

And then open your eyes. Focus on those emotions. Focus on how they feel in this body.

Allow those emotions to guide your actions, your habits, your choices.

And let that dream become a reality!

'Till next time friends! :)

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