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Posted by Jennifer Campoli on October 19th, 2010
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There were a few things in my mind to talk to you about today but then things changed. :)


I love it when that happens. You are going about your day, making decisions, checking off that to do list and then something makes you stop. Something shifts your thinking and reminds of something that maybe you had forgotten about.

That is what happened to me this morning.

It started with a brave story that Michelle shared over at Caitlin's home HTP. As Caitlin introduced this lovely girl she reminded her readers that being healthy is more than whole wheat bread and cardio. Though at first glance that might not mean much to you, to me that is a powerful reminder. I'll share more in a sec.

About an hour later I got the mail and received my new Whole Living magazine. One of the features was titled "Find Instant Calm." I often read a tag line on the cover of a magazine and nearly drop the rest of my mail on the floor to immediately read the article. :) Today was no different as I opened the crisp pages to "Regaining an Appetite for Life." A short article about a lovely woman named Susan who through tragedy found her way to integrative nutrition and a health counseling practice called Nourish Your Soul. One line caught me:

"Susan's philosophy is simple: The quality of food we eat gives us positive energy, and exercise distributes that energy. Making thoughtful choices every day about what we put into our bodies leads to presence of mind and joy."

Here's why I'm sharing with you these particular moments:

As you may have read, I come from a history of worry. A history of restriction. A history where life was entirely focused on food, weight, calories and body image. This life was negative. This life forced me to miss so much because I was always battling something. I was never truly present in my day. One day I started to pick up the pieces. I started to make a few changes. Just little ones. A few over here, a bit over there. And slowly I left that world behind because I had a very strong desire: a desire to be present. A desire to live fully.

In the world of health and fitness, we are bombarded with what to eat, what not to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, how to exercise, what exercise to begin with and so so much more. It's everywhere in our lives all. day. long.

While I personally use comprehensive fitness programs that offer guidelines, meal plans, calorie counts and the like (helpful ones that I often learn from!), I think we all need a foundation, a belief if you will about the life we are creating. And this foundation or belief is directly linked to our health and fitness.

So, what's mine you might ask?

My belief begins with that desire. I have an appetite to live FULLY, to be present every moment of the day because I don't want to miss a thing! This belief is where everything really begins in my day.

But it's easy to forget that with the craziness of life, isn't it!! We like quick fixes, the easy road or things that make our day more simple. And yet rarely did I find a satisfied appetite with those quick fixes or list of rules.

But today I was reminded on my foundation. Of my beliefs. :)


What I put in my body is more than whole wheat bread + protein + complex carbs + a dose of fat.

I choose foods that bring me that positive energy. The energy to move, to do more, to be active, to be energetic, to live.

I do this because it brings me peace, balance and joy.

This is what works for me!

So, share today friends! What is your core belief about your life, your health and fitness? How has it impacted you on a daily basis?

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