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Posted by Jennifer Campoli on October 11th, 2010
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Helloooooo there!

It's been a while since we've chatted! There's been some wonderful things going on over here in my world of LIve Well Fit Now and now that I have a bit of breathing room, we must catch up.

We had an unbelievable weekend in Boston. If there was ever a perfect fall day we had two of them! Saturday had to be spent outdoors. After debating on apple picking, a run by the Charles and other various options we settled on something I had never done before…

Frisbee golfing!!!!

Ever tried this one? Well, it was a blast! I was absolutely horrible at it but I could have cared less. The course was on a stellar state park land south of the city. We spent over 3 hours roaming the course with all of the leaves crunching under our feet. It was perfection at it's best! Here is a pic of me trying to get my frisbee down from the tree that I threw it in. And this didn't happen just once.

I told you I was bad!

Then after a Sunday morning outdoors, I spent the bulk of the evening making this!!!

Oh yes, that would be a roasted acorn squash filled with butternut squash black bean chili. It was stupendous! Recipe to come! And more pics (we went a little crazy with the camera on this guy).

My Aha moment

A few weeks ago Fitness magazine put a call out for readers to share their "aha" health or fitness moment. The moment where maybe things changed for you in your health, fitness, or weight loss journey. It was incredible to see the response- within minutes over 50 comments came through just on Facebook alone.

And I joined the commenting madness!

A few days later a lovely lady from Fitness emailed me asking for a bit more about my story (eek!!!!). I was thrilled to share! After sharing my story there was a request for photos. So yesterday I sent in some pictures of me doing a few of my favorite kickboxing and core moves with the chance of being featured in an upcoming article! It would be incredible but as Tina said over at Faith, Fitness and Fun (she was also submitting which is so fabulous!)…I'm not jinxing this! Time will tell.

One of my pics…

All of this story telling and picture taking got me thinking. I started to think about the journey I've been on the past few years and how I've changed, how I haven't, where I've gotten stuck, where I made mistakes and where I've grown.

The most powerful thing that I realized over 2 years ago was the beauty of choice. Little choices that we make throughout our day.

Health, fitness, weight loss or whatever you are reaching for is often portrayed as a huge and overwhelming task. You must do THIS, THAT, and THIS, oh and don't forget THAT. Be sure to add THIS. Avoid THIS. And most definitely don't have THIS. If you don't do THAT everyday, you ain't going no where.

Are you with me?

My aha moment came when I realized that health is about living your life fully. Living your life while making small choices. Choices that bring you energy. Choices that make you feel alive. Choices that make you feel incredible! Choices that make you YOU.

I used to make health really hard. It was all about restriction, plans, meal plans, the can's, the cannot's, the I will's, the I won'ts. But as I've worked through this journey of mine health has become about the little things that I do in a day. Some days are filled with lots of little choices, other days are filled with one.

I mess up. I make a decision that doesn't leave me feeling good. I make a decision that I know comes from a negative place. I make mistakes.

But so do you. And so does everyone else.

Rather than take one mistake and turn it into 10, I know take one mistake and decide to make a different choice the next time.

But my choices are about me. They are about how I want to feel, how health and fitness are reflected into my life. My choices are for ME.

And so they should be for YOU.

So next time you feel overwhelmed with your health journey or your fitness journey or whatever is in front of you, view your next step as one little choice. And then move forward and wait for the next choice.

Be true to you. Make the decision only for you and know that you will get to where you want to be.

Have a wonderful Monday!

I leave you with a pic of my mom's new man in her life:

Meet Enzo. Enzo and I spent some time together last week when I was home in Texas. A sweet little guy he is!

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