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Posted by Jennifer Campoli on September 3rd, 2010
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HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!! And a very happy Labor Day weekend to you all. I hope you enjoy the last full weekend of summer! We are flying home to Boston tonight and to hurricane Earl. Well, he's now a tropical storm but I think we will be flying in at 6am just after the rain. Oh the red eye…how much I despise thee. I never sleep well when I am with you…

I've had a blast in Seattle. Last night we had a cozy meal down on the waterfront. Though we have had glorious sun and warmth, the feel of the restaurant made me think of cold, rainy days in the northwest. This place is gorgeous though- the tall redwoods, the Pacific tmixed with enormous mountains. I just love it. I couldn't deal with the rain though. It would ruin me. This Texas girl needs her sun! Even if it is 15 degrees in Boston, if I can feel the sun on my face..I can deal with it. :)

During my time here I've been doing all of my work at Barnes and Noble. Actually the Starbucks in Barnes and Noble. Seattle does Starbucks well (I would hope since this is the birthplace!). Bigger stores, cozy chairs, more new things to try. I like it! As part of Operation Seattle focus week I have been doing a ton of review for my Well Coaches certification exam. I'm slated to take it before the holidays.

I came across a quote that got me thinking…

According to the Institute of Medicine, two thirds of healthcare costs are driven by our daily choices. We are in the driver's seat.

Whatcha think about that one friends?

Rather forward, a bit blunt but more simple and unequivocally true.

So let's discuss this for a bit.


We all have choices throughout the day. We decide to get up, brush our teeth, transport ourselves to work, talk to friends, make a left not a right turn, say yes or no to invitations, make dinner, order take out. We could go on couldn't we?

But let's focus on the choices we make for our body. For our health.

We talk a lot in the blogging community about healthy lifestyles, eating well, and exercising. We read books, articles and blogs about how to do those exact things. Some of us follow a particular way of eating, others decide a fitness schedule according to what is working for others. This community is a place to learn, a place to see others are doing. But at the end of the day…we should make the choice. We should decide what is good for our bodies or what will improve our bodies. But this can be overwhelming with the array of available information out there, don't you agree?

One of the most powerful things I took away from the book Intuitive Eating was that my journey to change my relationship with food was also about taking back the control. It is about fully realizing and fully living in control of what I put in my body, how I move my body, how I treat my body.

The choice is yours friends. We get to decide what healthy looks like for us. We get to decide how to better our bodies. We are given the freedom to take control. And it doesn't have to be complicated! The choices can be rather simple actually.

So, in reference to the quote much of our health is in our hands! We decide. We decide everyday to make the choices that carry our bodies forward with health.

In continued effort to focus on eating mindfully and respecting my body, here are the choices that I make everyday for my health. This is what works for ME and MY body.

1. I choose to eat with awareness, listening to my body, and allowing it to show me what I need.

2. I choose to drink water, as it provides me with energy and nutrients for my skin, my organs, my muscles.

3. I choose to sleep 7-8 hours each night as I feel most rested and wake each day with energy.

4. I choose to exercise 4-6 days a week. I vary the activity for my enjoyment and to continue to challenge my muscles. I always listen to my body and never ignoring pain.

5. I choose to practice meditation every morning for 5 minutes, focusing on what I am grateful for. This time allows me to feel centered and in touch with my body.

6. I choose to eat a balance and variety of food as I feel nourished, but know that I am meant to enjoy all foods.

7. I choose to visit my doctor twice a year to learn about preventative lifestyle habits.

8. I choose to spend a great deal of time with family and friends as it is medicine for my mind and my heart.

9. I choose to eat ice cream once a week as it satisfies my love for it and helps me never have the urge to binge.

10. I choose to immerse myself daily in fitness, nutrition, wellness and health material as it allows me to stimulate my mind and foster my passion.

What I would like to start doing…

1. Create a gratitude journal as a place for inspiration, a release of stress or emotion, and a place to calm my mind.

2. Begin practicing yoga to stretch sore muscles, increase flexibility and better my core.

3. See my chiropractor regularly to improve the torn disc in my back.

That is what has come to mind today…I imagine there are many things that I could add. :)

So, take some time today friends and think about all the little choices you do each day to improve your health and think of new ways that you can improve!

What will work for you? What will make you feel nourished, alive and balanced?

Have a great weekend :)

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  1. Tina says:

    I never thought of it that way but it certainly is true. By choosing to do things to benefit our health we are caring for our futures. Great post!
    Tina´s last [type] ..it’s pouring – my heart- soul- and emotions

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