Gettin into Fall!

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on September 22nd, 2010
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Morning folks! So today is the official first day of all…can you believe it?!?!

Some of us are cooling off with the windows open (apologies to my Texans out there, I know you're still in the 90's)

We may have brought out the pumpkin spice candles

Many are buying out the store of Libby's canned pumpkin (can't deny that I am not part of that group)

For me, fall brings comfort and a desire to press the "reset" button. Summer is always so busy and I can barely remember what happened during the spring. My todo lists have been ignored, we have piles of mail all over the place, the beach towels are still bundled in the corner and our fall cardigans are calling from the top of the closet.

Fall means taking a deep breath, rethinking my goals, and creating a new vision for the upcoming months and year.

This comes at a perfect time for me as it's almost been a year since I left my full time job. It was the middle of October when I walked into the office and told the chief of pediatrics that I would be leaving in a month. That I would be starting a new career. That I would be entering a wellness coaching program. That I would be pursuing my wellness and fitness coaching business with all of my heart and time.

Yes, the fall means change to me..

Now that our wedding has passed and our reality has returned to it's normal frequency, I am ready to move forward. This afternoon I will be creating a new vision board. I love vision boards (or sometimes called dream boards or goal boards). They are an incredible source of motivation that you can use everyday. Wake up to your vision board, say goodnight to your vision board, keep all of those dreams of yours in the forefront of your mind. Because when we keep an eye on our dreams- they have a way of happening friends! They have a way of inspiring us and encouraging us and reminding us to not leave our dreams in the closet!

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."  ~ Walt Disney

Where to turn to for your dream inspiration? Magazines, newspapers, your words, your drawings, favorite sayings, quotes can all be pieces to include on your board. Your board can be a small piece of paper, a poster board or an old picture frame. It can be anything that you want to attach sayings, pictures, clippings, or notes to.

So this afternoon will be a time of creativity for me! It's time to give my dreams new life. That is how I'm going to celebrate this first day of fall!

Some fall inspiration…

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What does this fall season mean to you? Do you celebrate the beginning of this season? If so, HOW!?!?!

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