Simple keys to moderation

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on August 25th, 2010
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Hola friends! :)

How are we doin today? It's been rainy for what feels like weeks in Boston. Ok, just 3 days and we haven't had any in months. I miss my sun already!

But I did soak up cozy, very fall like days with warm bowls of oatmeal in the morning and tasty cups of tea in the afternoon. Oh I LOVE FALL! Don't you??? My favorite smells of fall would have to be the cinnamon and cloves that I simmer in a pot all day, apples baking in the oven for greek yogurt afternoon concoctions, sweet potatoes mixed with carrots, onion and red potatoes broiling and coated with spice, pumpkin in, on, mixed with and thrown on everything! :)

Life is just beginning to slow down here for us as well…since returning from our honeymoon I have been traveling the past three weekends. All glorious…visiting close friends plus two weddings. It has been so nice but now that things are slowing in pace I'm realizing how gosh darn tired I am! I know…I really can't complain as I spent three weeks away. I'll stop talking.

Simple keys to moderation

Last time we talked I discussed how I had redefined moderation on my honeymoon. It was truly a glorious and eye opening experience and since I've been traveling each weekend since, my new tricks and ideas have come in handy! Three weekends filled with meals on the go, decadent wedding cake and champagne to be had!

So, lets talk about a few of those tricks shall we? What has worked for me…

1. Awareness

Something that I began to do in Italy was sit down at the table with mindfulness. Awareness, if you will, of the company, the setting, my day, and my body. I would begin with a simple and quick check in with myself about how hungry I was, how my stomach was feeling, was I thirsty and what would I like to enjoy. Think of this brief moment as a"reset" before the meal, or a regroup with yourself.

2. Taste everything

If you are eating a decadent, special or larger meal there are often multiple courses. In Italy the bread and olive oil was a course in and of itself! In order to enjoy every item and possible part of the meal I would taste just about everything! Not multiple bites but maybe 1 small piece of bread and 1 bite of each appetizer. Allow yourself to taste it all! But just a taste…by doing this I never felt deprived, I never felt guilty and I never told myself that I couldn't try whatever I desired!

3. Put down your fork

Slow down, take a break and put down that fork beautiful! Let your food sink in, see how you are feeling and enjoy what you are eating. Taking these small breaks in between bites forced me to eat at a much slower pace (sometimes too slow for the husband! :)). I was often able to better gauge how hungry I was and how much room I had left for that perfect scoop of gelato!

4. Decide what is "worth it"

Was the bread basket always worth it to me? Not everyday. Sometimes I even turned down the gelato, to much surprise and other days there was no way I wouldn't have it! Decide what is truly worth eating. We only have so much room in our stomach.  If you are respecting how full you feel, you will likely run out at some point! So decide if you really want the bread basket or the whole entree or the full dessert plus coffee.

5. To go box

Always, always remember the to go box! Many meals during our trip I could not finish it all. There was too much to enjoy but I was full to my brim! Call in for the to go box and enjoy the rest tomorrow! Make sure your hotel room has a small fridge to store leftovers in and have a bite of leftover chocolate cake for breakfast. :) Who says you can't!

There ya have it friends! A few ideas on how to enjoy everything you wish to enjoy at the dinner table.

Have a wonderful day. I'm off!

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2 Responses to “Simple keys to moderation”

  1. Katie Knolle says:

    I love your hints! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jenn says:

    Hi Katie! Thanks for coming by…glad you liked the tips!

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