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Posted by Jennifer Campoli on August 31st, 2010
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Hello wonderful friends!

It’s been a while since we last talked. I’ve been wrapped up in creating new ideas, changes, and upcoming projects with Live Well Fit Now wellness and fitness coaching. Exciting things my friends! I find that with excitement often comes stress. Do you agree?

Stress comes in all forms, doesn’t it. Anxiety, headaches, stomach pains, sore muscles, a stiff or tight body, a mind that can’t stop, fatigue, dissatisfaction, unhappiness, or even chronic pain. Stress wears down on your body physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Research is very clearly demonstrating how much stress has an impact on our body and its ability to fight illness.

So how can we destress? How do we reduce the harmful and toxic effects of stress while still dealing with the heaviness that life brings?

It can be easy.

It can be effective.

It starts with simple changes.

Ways to relieve stress and give our body a healthy, healing boost:

1. Ease stress with pleasure

I read an article recently in Whole Living that had a great quote: “When people tell me that they don’t have time to get a massage or sit in the park for lunch I ask: Do you have time to be sick?” Um, that couldn’t be more clear? We all lead such busy lives. And rarely, very rarely do we build in time for pleasure. Can you honestly admit that you take time to do something you enjoy on a regular basis? Relaxation and pleasure are healing states for your mind.If we don’t visit that state regularly, we continue to compromise our body!

So, begin with something small, something that makes you smile, brings you pleasure and enjoyment. It might be listening to music, an early morning walk or an evening bath. Doing things you enjoy triggers your brain to release those feel good chemicals that we so love!

Have you forgotten what you enjoy? Well this will be that much more fun for you! Time to play, time to smile and time to rediscover what you love.

2. Talk it out

Stress has this amazing ability to build and build and build. As do our emotions and our body’s response to stress. In our society we are expected to roll with the punches, to keep trucking on and to deal with what life gives us. Very few have the skill to release stress, negative emotion or frustration.

It is time to start encouraging a true release of stress and emotion. Call it constructive complaining! Whether you vent to the wall, a pet, the trees, a friend or in the shower. Let it out baby! Just talk, explain, discuss, vent and let that energy flow off of you. Hostility is bad for our health friends. This process is a way for you to learn to let it all out. Talk it out. Allow the emotion to have life and drift away. And then you can return to the current problem or issue with a newfound rigor and ability to perhaps take a new perspective.

3. Get those nutrients in ya!

Boost your immune system and body function by providing it with the nutrients and vitamins that healing foods offer. Food isn’t just a way to lose weight, feel better or improve health. Wholesome foods heal the body, help reduce stress and enable your body to perform at its best.

Another reason to get those fruits and veggies in! A colorful range will give you all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that you need. Then enhance your immunity even more with protein. Protein provides you with the amino acids that are the building blocks for your muscle and immune system. Turn to protein sources that you enjoy! And finally, don’t forget water. Increase your fluid and water intake to ensure you are hydrated so that your body is a well groomed system.

4. Go to bed

Ahhh, the importance of sleep. Sleep is not only your ticket to feeling refreshed everyday but it is when your body does all of its work! Sleep is a restorative time and depriving yourself of that time continues to be linked with lower immunity, an increase in stress and a whole slew of physical difficulties.

To help with stress, allow your self to fall in love with sleep! Create new rituals before bed that is designated as your time for enjoyment. Ten minutes of meditation, a warm bath, some light stretching, a delicious cup of tea or playing your favorite music are all ways for you to fall in love with sleep and find pleasure at the end of your day.

5. Move more

I know, I know. You’ve heard a lot of this before and you are hearing it again today. Because it’s important and it’s true:

The importance of exercise cannot be overstated! Experience less stress, an increase in energy, improved circulation, a healthier heart, an increase in nutrient delivery and oxygenation of cells all with EXERCISE. It is such a beautiful thing!

In Chinese medicine exercise is considered to be an activation of qi, or energy flow. This energy flow is a way to heal, a way to relax and a way to release. Find how exercise can best fit into your life. Make it short and sweet with quick but possibly a bit more intense durations. Or take it slow and see how exercise can calm the mind.

Here are some of my favorite ways to destress:

Fantasy read. I love my books. But when I’m frustrated, stressed or upset I turn to something like my beloved Harry Potter. I allow myself to get lost in a world full of imagination, fantasy and fun. After a small dose of reading I return to my day with lightness and a healthier perspective.

Cleaning time. I work a lot out in my mind with paper towels in my hand. Sometimes beginning with something dirty and ending with shine and organization is exactly what I need. I go into my deep thinking zone during this time and often come up with my most brilliant ideas with a bit of elbow grease!

Exercise at my max intensity. Intense, hard exercise is an incredible stress reliever for me. These high intensity sessions don’t last long, anywhere from 15-45 minutes depending on my energy level. This is where my endorphins peak and I am able to release every ounce of anger, frustration, doubt, fear or upset in my body and I experience a pure recharge. It can be a very emotional experience. Some may have experienced this in what is often referred to as a runners high. I call it an endorphin high because it can happen with any form of exercise. This endorphin release can lead to experiencing any type of emotion, intense, light, fun, sad, or even overwhelming.

A dose of music. I blast my favorite Dixie Chicks song or whatever my heart is desiring. Turn up the volume and I belt out! It’s a beautiful thing.

So, give it to me! Share some of your stress relieving tips! What do you do?

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