Turbo Fire release!

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on June 18th, 2010
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Morning friends!!!

It's so great to hear that you enjoyed the quinoa post! I can't sing the praises of that grain more.

I did discover another new love this morning though…

I've mixed protein powder in my oatmeal for a few years now. I love my oatmeal but I typically need a bit of protein to go along with it and protein powder is one easy way to do that. But I've always just used vanilla powder.

I woke up this morning with only one thing on my mind: chocolate. So I made my oatmeal (plain today with just water) and then as soon as it was done cooking I added a heaping scoop of Chocolate Shakeology. I am horrified that I didn't take a picture (will do next time, I promise!).

What happened in front of me was glorious.

The rich chocolate Shakeology melted into the oatmeal like chocolate sauce. It was so incredible and tasted so decadent.

Shakeology took my normal oats and raised it to a whole new level! I can see overnight oats and many other combinations coming out of this discovery. Many recipes to come.

God bless chocolate. :)

Turbo Fire RELEASE!

Yesterday was a very big day in the world of Beachbody.

As many of you know I have a fitness business and am a coach with Beachbody. I have been an avid fan and user of their fitness programs for years now and am currently almost done with Insanity.

Chalene Johnson is one of the trainers who creates many programs for Beachbody, including Chalene Extreme and Turbo Jam.

Yesterday Beachbody released Chalene's most recent creation…TURBO FIRE! I can't tell you how excited I am right now about this.

This program is so amazing friends. Chalene has taken the heart of Turbo Jam which is a funky version of kickboxing and has tweaked the format to include high intensity interval training (HIIT). Hello lover!

Turbo Fire has been a much anticipated product and as soon as it hit the Store yesterday I ordered myself the Complete Program.

Here is some of the fabulous pieces of Turbo Fire:

  • TurboFire workouts include "Fire Drills," the high intensity intervals.
  • These drills push you to your max for up to 1-minute bursts, with quick recovery periods. Studies show that HIIT ignites your metabolism, enabling your body to burn more calories for up to 48 hours after your workout.
  • Over 10 workouts are included in the basic program including a 15 minute HIIT workout, CORE training, stretching, 55 min HIIT workout, and sculpting
  • Included is Chalene's Nutrition Guide, Inferno Plan, Fitness Guide and more!

Turbo Fire is less intense than Beachbody programs such as Insanity and P90X but is a fantastic core overall cardio conditioning program.

Who is this appropriate for?

1. Someone looking to take their fitness routine to a new and more intense level.

2. Someone who is looking to spice up their routine.

3. Someone who is looking to reshape their body or drop some weight with the use of HIIT training

4. Someone who does not like high impact moves (there is a low impact moderator in every workout) but still likes to workout with intensity

5. Someone who is a fitness addict like me and loves to try new things!

Here are a few links for you to check out…

What is Turbo Fire

Turbo Fire Release

How can YOU get Turbo Fire?

Start Here. Click on Shop and order away!

I will have my copy within the week. I still have 1 more week of Insanity but I won't lie…I am definitely going to be previewing and trying out a few of the workouts. :)

My plan is to officially begin the program when I return from our honeymoon at the beginning of August! Anyone want to plan an end of the summer Turbo Fire challenge! Email me! livewellfit09 @ gmail.com

Have a wonderful day friends!

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