Insanity recap + goals

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on June 7th, 2010
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Hello kiddos!

Happy Monday! :) It's a mighty fine day in Boston. Clear skies, a perfect 70 degree day. It's perfection. Did you have a nice weekend? I surely did. I spent the day with some close girlfriends at a friend's bridal shower. It was a much needed day of laughs, good food and good company. I love weddings. Speaking of…my wedding is less than 5 weeks away. Insanity. I actually feel incredible. I haven't experienced the stress, overwhelm, panic or freak outs that everyone keeps mentioning to me. Don't get me wrong, the todo list and calendar of events/tasks/items have saved my life but I think what has been key is attitude. Neither of us entered into this planning process with an exact detailed dream. We only cared about the feel of the weekend and finding a way to bring the people who truly matter the most together. The details matter a lot less when you focus more on the bigger picture. But hey, ask me again in 3 weeks and see how I feel. :)

Insanity Recap

I realized that we haven't talked Insanity or Shaun T in a while now. It's time.

I'm entering week 2 of month 2. The program lasts 60 days roughly and is broken into 2 different months that progressively build in intensity and time. It's been an incredible experience to say the least! Not only do I have the biggest crush in the world in Shaun T but my body is seriously strong. My endurance is something I have never seen before and I crave the long, sweaty workouts with my man. :)

In all honesty…here are my current thoughts on the program:

1. New challenge

This program is by far a new type of challenge for me. The moves, the intensity and overall approach to high intensity intervals is new to me and my body and I LOVE IT! Every single workout I am pushed further than before.

2. Energy

Shaun T brings such a fantastic energy to this program. He makes you want to work harder and to do more. In a way that your best friend would. Maybe he and I will be best friends one day and I can have that energy all the time! But for now, his energy and how it helps me focus and feel more alive is fabulous.

3. Power + strength

I feel like a bad ace during these workouts. I can jump high again. I can do 30 push ups without stopping on my toes ladies. Do you feel my pride in that? Regardless of how my body is changing on the outside, I know that on the inside I've made incredible progress.

4. Progression

Though each month you alternate between 6 different workouts, the schedule progresses in intensity each week allowing you to sweat even more. As you become stronger and your form is more correct, you are able to do the same workout from week 1 at a completely different level. It's very cool to experience.

My goals for the next 3 weeks are to finish, to finish strong and to eat in a way that fuels my workouts. I'm not looking to eat perfectly and I'm not looking to eat according to a specified plan. But here is what I will be eating because of how good these foods make me feel:

Breakfast: smoothies or oatmeal + protein. My standard. These foods digest well in the morning and give me energy for my workout which is always after breakfast.

Lunch: veggies veggies veggies + fruit + protein + quinoa/brown rice/sweet potato/ezekiel bread. Sounds pretty standard but it's what really feels good! When I stray from these foods I feel miserable and lethargic. Now that the warmer temps are here, cold salads with veggie burgers are a top fav!

Snacks: smoothies, fresh juices, fruit + hummus. Those are my favs. I rarely change up the snacks. :)

Dinner: grilled veggies + protein. I love having a grill that we can actually use every day. Grilled food is so simple and so delish. We grill about 5x a week and I plan on making it to 7 starting today!

So there it is friends. Questions about my beloved Insanity? Send them my way please!!!

I have a busy busy busy day planned including reorganizing my closet + drawers. Oh it shall be grand!

Till next time!

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2 Responses to “Insanity recap + goals”

  1. Warm weather = salad and veggie burgers for me too!! I ate so much spinach in my salads last week I am surprised I am not green!

    I have never done Insanity but I have heard good things about it and may have to try it out one of these days.

  2. Jenn says:

    Hi Samantha! Veggie burgers have found a new special place in my heart. :)

    Insanity is nothing else than insane hun. It's been the coolest thing I have done to date!

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