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Posted by Jennifer Campoli on April 15th, 2010
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Hello there my friends!

It is another drop down gorgeous day in Boston. We are spoiled spoiled spoiled! Though tomorrow rain is moving in and we're going to be in the 40's. Ahhh, nothing like mother nature reminding me that spring isn't quite here according to New England terms.

I started my day today with one of my most favorite breakfasts ever:

Soft boiled eggs split on toast with a side of fruit. But the best part of today were the eggs. I found the most adorable market in the South End, an area just next to my neighborhood that sells only locally farmed produce. Can we say jackpot! It is a very tiny store but has some of the most amazing items in there. I could spend my whole day rummaging around, finding new things to try.

My one treat this week were freshly laid eggs from a small farm in Andover, MA. I love hearing the stories behind the farms and according to the clerk, the woman who owns this particular farm is very close to her chickens. She has named them all and treats them like queens nearly! Love it.

To say that these eggs are delish is an understatement. There is an incredible difference in how they taste compared to what you can buy in any supermarket. If you haven't tried free range eggs I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend that you do so. The first thing I noticed about these eggs was the color of the yolk. It is a deep deep yellow, nearly orange vibrant color. I remember having eggs that had the same color in London. The taste, for lack of a better word is rich. The yolk has this rich, robust flavor to it that makes me never want to eat eggs from the supermarket again! Even the organic, cage free eggs at Whole Foods don't taste like this! Go local friends. Support your farmers and treat your body with better food.

You know what the catch was? I paid $8.35 for a dozen! How insanely expensive is that! That's nearly a buck an egg! This reality gets me all feisty inside when I think about what our government has done to the quality of our food in order to bring down price. I know we could get into a HUGE discussion about this (maybe for another post!) but here is my current thinking:

In our current society, we need to be willing to pay more $$ for quality food and lower our quantity. Am I willing to pay $8.35 for a dozen eggs? Some weeks I will. Other weeks I will balance that with not buying eggs at all and eat oatmeal every morning! :)

If you are willing to invest in your health, your family's health, your children's health then we do need to shift our thinking in how much we are willing to pay for food. If we stop buying the convenient $2.50 dozen eggs then somewhere down the line there will be a shift in what is considered quality food. This would be a revolution of sorts but considering where the health of our country is currently going…I think it's worth it! I'll save the rest of my thoughts for a better devoted post. :)

In the meantime, check out what Jamie Oliver is doing with his Food Revolution. Amazing stuff!

Pure Cardio

To say that my workout this morning was hard is a the understatement of the day! Pure Cardio took the Insanity intensity up a whole notch friends. It was crazy. When Shaun T tells you that he's scared of what's coming…you know it's going to be tough.

But, I have said this before and here I am again: Insanity is not only a physical workout but it is also a mental challenge. You have to be willing to push past what you think you can accomplish and be willing to hold on for another 10, 20, 50 seconds before giving up. It is so awesome to tell yourself not to stop, not to give in and to keep pushing. I finished this workout with tears today. It was an incredible accomplishment and I felt proud, tired, excited, and motivated. Now THAT is a tough workout!

The difference in Pure Cardio is the interval timing. The other 2 cardio workouts have this sequence:

1.5 min warmup drill 1

2.5 min warmup drill 2- kick up intensity

3.5 minute warmup drill 3- all out sprint

STRETCH for 6  minutes

Drill 1- 2.5 min

Rest 30 seconds

Drill 2- 3.5 min

Rest 30 seconds

Drill 3- 4.5 min

Rest 30 seconds

Repeat sequence with new set of drills.

Pure Cardio changes the drill sequence. Instead of taking a 30 second rest in between drills, you have NO REST until the drills are complete. It's nearly 15 minutes straight of all out, HIIT intervals. My heartrate was averaging around 178 beats per minute the ENTIRE TIME! INSANE!

My entire body still feels like jello and it's been 6 hours since I worked out. Beautiful!

Now, I have a question for you:

Who would like to join me on this Insanity journey? I am filled with so much excitement about this program that I am dying to coach someone and guide them through the experience! Remember, I would coach you for free! All you have to commit to is 1- purchasing Insanity and 2- completing the workouts. I take care of the rest!

Raise your hand if you're ready! Email me or visit my coach page to get started. I KNOW you can do this!

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