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Posted by Jennifer Campoli on April 1st, 2010
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Afternoon friends!

How is this day treating you?

Question: Have you added a new habit today? Something special for you. Not sure what I'm referring to? Well, read me!

Boston has given us a GLORIOUS day! And from what I can tell, the sun and warmth is here to stay through the weekend. A predicted 79 for Saturday!!!! What to do with myself!

It's so great to hear your responses from the Honoring your Body post. While there are so many issues and things to focus on in the world of wellness, this particular one is very special to me. Learning to respect your body by what you put in it, how you treat it, how you move it- these are practices can often open up a world of acceptance, love and understanding for you and your body. A practice that every individual can benefit from.

Workout Check-in

This is week 2 of the Push month in Chalean Extreme. Did I say how much I love this month? Well, in actuality I love every month of this program but this one is fabulous. You get to lift heavy, slow and with focus. I find that I am more aware of my muscles and how much power they have after this month. Such a cool experience!

The variety challenge has been so much fun! While I can't say that I am doing a new activity everyday, you can find me doing something crazy at least 2-3 days a week! This month the fiance and I are going to try rock climbing for the first time. I CANNOT WAIT! Neither of us know how to do it and I think it will be an awesome chance for us to learn something new, work our bodies in a cool way and spend time together! Get active with everyone in your life friends! It's a fabulous way to connect and live well.

Health + Wellness buzz

One of the first things I discovered upon entering my new career was how quickly you can find yourself in INFORMATION OVERLOAD. With google, bing, and unlimited online resources you can read about anything on both sides, all angles and all languages. It's incredible what is out there but overwhelming all at the same time.

Last month I taped up a sign on the table next to my computer to help with my frustration when I would discover over 20 new articles to read each day in 5 areas. The sign read: Slow DOWN!

One step at a time, one search at a time, one article at a time! We can't become an expert over night and we certainly won't know it all. So, I thought that each week I would post some of my newest findings for YOU to read (that is, if you want to!). I love researching and learning so I imagine there are a few of you like me out there or a few of you who like light reading every so often on a topic of interest. Regardless of who you are, here are the top picks from this week:

New York Time "What's In It For You article"

  • a terrific article on the Health Care Reform- a Q & A format article "Wellness Coaches Target Women's Heart Health"

  • just a glimpse into what some of the wellness coaches are doing in the world!

Spark People "The Truth About Carbohydrates"

  • what I consider to be a very informative and clear review of carbohydrates and what sources to pick from

Team Beachbody "Top 10 Reasons to Give Up Soda"

  • Need I say more friends? Try to get some of this stuff out of your life!

Chalene Johnson's Blog "I'm Dieting but I Can't Lose Weight"

  • A terrific explanation for why calorie deprivation and manipulation can wreck havoc not only on your mind but on your body

Whole Living "10 Best Foods to Fight Aging"

  • A simple list of terrific things to incorporate into your way of eating, regardless of your goals

Alright friends, back to work! Enjoy the rest of your day and see ya soon.

Where do you search for new information or articles on your favorite topics? Share your favorite sites with us!

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