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Posted by Jenn @ livewellfit on March 9th, 2010
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Oh how I have missed you. It was a whirlwind of a weekend filled with lots of laughter, incredible memories and even 2 white fluffballs that brought true warmth to my heart (more on that later :)).

I apologize for disappearing but I needed to soak up every single minute that I had at home with my mom, two of my amazing bridesmaids and some very very close family friends. I was surrounded by women all weekend long and my goodness did we laugh! I feel so alive and regenerated after being home. I love what a small vacation can do to your energy and zest for life. I got home last night and was filled with such excitement and energy about all the things I'm doing. I love it!


This past Sunday, I completed my 30 day workout challenge! Woohoooooooooo! And you know what, it was by far the best challenge I have ever had. I think I owe a lot of that to YOU! Yes readers, YOU! Your energy and visits each day have inspired me to focus on the type of life I want to lead and what that looks like in terms of fitness, health and balance.

A quick recap. I started this challenge after feeling frustrated with my workout routine. I still felt sluggish after the holidays and with a newly broken toe, I wasn't about to let myself get in a rut! And so I began the challenge. I have been doing a combination of TurboJam + Chalean Extreme. Both are programs created by Beachbody, the company I have a fitness business with. I could not say better things about my experience with this company and with their products. You can do amazing things right in your very own home! Visit my coaching website to learn more! Click on JOIN and sign up for a free account where you can explore and learn about the programs out there!

Here is the schedule I created: Workout Sched

I've learned quite a bit this last month. Let's dive in to some of that:

Jenn's lessons

1. Find motivators that speak to your heart. Every decision I used to make in fitness, diet or health came from extrinsic motivators that provide only extrinsic rewards: fit into this dress, look thin, be that girl who was always put together, be perfect on the outside, who cares about the inside. I was constantly striving to be better and to live a life that simply wasn't me. This past year, I have put an incredible amount of effort towards leaving that frame of mind behind me. My health and fitness goals are now deeply rooted in motivators that matter in my heart. It is no longer about the skinny jeans or gold dress that I haven't worn. It is about strength, health, happiness, energy, and LIFE! I found motivators that speak to me daily.

2. Go with the flow of life! Have you ever created a schedule that you knew wasn't realistic, but you did it anyways and then the minute you missed a workout or ate the wrong thing YOU GAVE UP? Well, I'm glad we can relate on that level as that used to be ME. I would create workout programs or diet plans that no sane nor healthy individual could accomplish or sustain. And then…the minute I messed up I would not only give up but I would tear myself up. Why aren't you strong enough? Why aren't you good enough? You have no will power! You have no power, Jenn. I have finally stepped out of that world friends and I must say, the sun has never been brighter. This is the very first workout plan that I have completed with no guilt, shame or unrealistic expectations. Did I push myself? Of course! Did I have days where I didn't want to do anything? Uh huh. Were there a few days where I knew my body needed to rest, even though I was supposed to do X? Yep, and I listened to my body.

3. Love, respect and listen to your body. Our bodies are so incredible. Have you ever thought about all the millions of things your body is doing at every second of the day? From your strong heart beating to your tiny cells regenerating…our bodies are always working towards one goal: to keep you well and living well. One practice that I have incorporated into my life this year is taking a moment, periodically throughout the day and listen to my body. What am I feeling? Is it asking for anything? To move, to eat, to stretch, to be calm, to be excited, to feel warmth, to feel love or to not move at all? If it is hungry, what would satisfy it? Is it freshly squeezed orange juice when I am feeling run down? Is it warm tea because my bones are nearly shaking from the cold? What is your body asking for? And are you listening? I am now.

4. Involve others in your challenge! This go around I was very open with friends and family about my challenge. Just about everyone knows I'm doing Chalean Extreme. Just about everyone knows that I'm pushing myself and trying to reach new strength goals. I surrounded myself with the people that I wanted to be motivated by. And in turn, I motivated and inspired some of them! Other friends joined my challenge, some started their own! You can always do more and ask more of yourself when you have more numbers in your court. Set up a challenge with friends or a fitness buddy. Call your mom, see if she would like to commit to something new this month! Email me even and lets create something for you. :)

So overall friends, it's been an incredible month. Even with a lot of pitfalls and unexpected turns (can we say broken toe?), I completed my challenge and I had a BLAST!

While I don't like to focus too much numbers such as weight, inches or size…I am going to list my day 1 and then day 30 measurements. I was astonished and actually quite proud of these changes for a few reasons: they are a result of listening to my body, feeding it well and incorporating balanced and healthy choices. I am proud of that so I hope you will appreciate my sharing.

Day 1:

Bust: 36

Waist: 33

Hips: 38

Hips + Butt: 42

Day 30:

Bust: 33.5

Waist: 29.5

Hips: 35.75

Hips + Butt:  37

Can we say fabulous? Look at that progress!!! Now that is how your body will respond when you provide it with energy, love and respect.

It's been an amazing month friends. I'm already creating the next month challenge as I continue onto month 2 of  Chalean Extreme!!!! I will put up my new schedule tomorrow!

Till next time, a few pictures from this weekend. :)

The house looked GORGEOUS! My mom has the perfect home for parties.

And the food…to die for! Look at those strawberries! My two bridesmaids truly out did themselves.

My mom's friend brought her two incredible puppies. They were my white accessories for the evening! As you can see…I was BEYOND happy to see them. Me + dogs = LOVE

This was Kody, he had my heart all night long and I almost figured out how to steal him back to Boston. :)

Me + food!

What an incredible weekend it was! And what an incredible month I have had. I'm thinking big things for this next month friends…watch out! Want to join and get your own workout challenge going? JOIN ME!

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4 Responses to “Workout Challenge RECAP”

  1. Deana says:

    Oh my goodness that smile on your face says it all. Do we hear the word "puppy" in your future? It looks like you had a FABULOUS time! I am so excited for you! Cannot wait for the BIG day! Yeah!

  2. Sue says:

    I was amazed at your measurements in just 30 days. Wow! Obviously Chalean Extreme works – the numbers tell it all!

  3. Thanks Sue! I was amazed myself…granted this was after a rather decadent holiday season but this was nothing but hard work + choices that felt right for me. Oh, and a bit of Shakeology every day.

  4. Thank you Deana! Dogs do it for me that's for sure. :) It was such an amazing weekend.

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