My Whole Living Goal

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on March 19th, 2010
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Hola friends!

Welcome to the new site of She's looking pretty good. I'm trying out this theme right now but I'm also getting some serious education from the lovely Matt at Health Blog Helper on redesigning the look, feel and flow of this site. Many changes to come my friends! Many changes.

I heart bananas

The other night I madeĀ banana soft serve. Oh my goodness was it unreal! I haven't formally talked about this delicious, unbelievable treat but it just has to be said.

Who knew that a few frozen bananas thrown in the blender, could start like this:

Let the blades do their thing for about 3 minutes (all it takes in this blender!)…

And then, you end up with this (I know, not the best pic. I am working on my skills.)

If you haven't, you must join the crowd. Immediately leave your home, buy some bananas, throw them in the freezer and then make yourself this wonderful treat this evening or sometime this weekend. You will feel changed forever!

Whole Living Goal

I love it when I am inspired to think about things in a new light on a random day.

This morning I received this link on my facebook page from Body + Soul (they have had some fabulous stuff this week!).

Body + Soul and are uniting readers and challenging them to create whole living goals. Now, how are whole living goals different than any other sort of goal? Well, I'm not sure what the people at Body + Soul think but this is what I think…

Whole living to me is about balance, health, mindfulness, strength, energy, positivity, nurturing, and the whole self.

Whole living goals may take the idea of exercising more or eating more fruits just one step further…how might these changes allow you to feel more whole? Or more balanced? Or more energized? Or stronger? This idea can build upon a fitness goal or any type of goal and give it more depth and spark for you! If weight loss is a primary goal for you, how might you tweak the wording of your goal so that it speaks to you on many levels? What else could be a part of your weight loss goal that would speak to your more?

Would you like to lose weight through healthy eating?

Or do you want to incorporate your husband, wife, partner or friend in this goal to help someone in your life?

Or might you want to lose weight and take care of your mind through incorporate yoga or learning to appreciate all foods?

The second part of this link that I loved is the responses that are pouring in. Men and women are putting their goals and hopes out there and are connecting with other readers to help motivate and inspire one another! We should always rally our supports when we are embarking on the road of change and setting new goals. Let others in your life and others with similar goals provide you support!

So…I thought about some of my goals today and I decided to reword them into whole living goals:

1. I provide my body with foods that make me feel satisfied, energized and strong.

2. My daily fitness routine involves activities that spark excitement, enthusiasm and power.

3. I set aside 30 minutes each day for time to be mindful of my day (journal, walk, etc).

4. I continue to grow my knowledge in wellness, health and fitness with a new certification in August.

5. I practice core strength exercises 4x a week to build more back strength so that I can stand taller and feel no pain.

I have started to write goals using the "I am" present tense…I am doing this, I am committing to this rather than "I will" statements. I think it is a great way to make these commitments reflect what is happening now rather than in the future.

Well friends, my crazy activity today is a stair challenge. I am going to head out and run the stairs in our building 10 times baby.

Have a wonderful rest of the day!

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