Create your own luck!

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on March 18th, 2010
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Hi friends…

Well, I apologize for any confusion over the last day or two: Livewellfit has not made it’s official move quite yet! I’ve been having quite the fun time working with wordpress on launching the site and getting design in place so…here’s what is happening.

For now, keep coming to say hello right here! :)

I hope within the week that the new site will be up and running.

I’ve removed the moving post in order to avoid confusion but once we are ready to go live, I will send out a notice so you are all aware!

On to more exciting things…

The variety workout challenge is going quite well, if I do say so! We have had a gorgeous week in Boston nearly in the 60s so I have been taking my workouts OUTSIDE every day. Yesterday I decided to do a tempo run by the Charles River. I ended up combining some HIIT training.

The workout was a total of 30 minutes: 4 min warm up job, followed by intervals of 3 minutes (1.5 minute sprint with a 1.5 minute recover jog). I was SPENT! It felt fantastic. Then I did a circuit series of walking lunges, squats, pushups, planks and jumping jacks. I did each move for 2 minutes and repeated the total circuit 3 times. Fabulous!

Today I will be doing a indoor TurboJam session but I have a long walk planned with the camera. It’s just that kind of day…need to be outside, soaking up the sun and the city.

Green celebrations!

I hope you had a great St. Patty’s Day! I celebrated with 2 green monsters throughout the day (1 for breakfast and then 1 for a late day snack). They were fabulous!

Green smoothie recipe of the week:

  • 1 c almond milk
  • spinach
  • 1 tb peanut butter
  • scoop of Chocolate Shakeology
  • peppermint extract
  • ice

= OMGosh!

It is like a thin mint shake! I cannot get enough of these. This smoothie truly embodies the greatest lesson I have learned this past year with my body = treating and feeding your body well can taste UNBELIEVABLE!

Create your own luck

I read this article yesterday from Body + Soul magazine. Check it out here. It is very short and sweet but I really enjoyed the simple ideas offered and have thought about the ways I have been incorporating the principles into my life.

1. Paying attention to intuition. I had a conversation the other day with my coach about values and whether I live my life according to those values. This is something we may think about at times, but have you ever sat down and asked yourself what your values are and if your daily actions stem from them? Our values may change over time but they can always be found in the same place. They come from our heart and our beliefs, and they can be found inside of you, where your intuition lies. Intuition may be the voice in you that speaks when something is right or wrong, it may be the feeling you get in your stomach when something is off or it may be the headache you get from a personal and stressful situation telling you the answer. Intuition is a strong part of who we are. The question is do you listen to it?

2. A resilient attitude. This one is tough, I’ll admit. I find that resiliency comes from practice. Each of us has the ability to respond to a situation in any way that we decide. Of course, it isn’t always quite that simple but in the end, we always have the choice. We can decide to foster a more positive and resilient attitude, or we can decide not to. I have been taking time every day to pay attention to my attitude and actively make the choice to respond from a positive place. This can translate into more resiliency.

3. Creating more random encounters. Oh this is so true! Let me give you my example. I left my full time job in the fall. I left my career in order to pursue something entirely new and to start my own business. Since then, I put everything into developing my knowledge and skills for this new path. But I have also noticed one key thing: if I don’t share myself with the world, I won’t grow. If I simply sit inside my home, read my books and learn about wellness coaching, I may learn a ton about wellness coaching but I won’t be 1- learning from others and 2- opening myself and my life to new opportunity. Random encounters are everywhere in our day! We just have to be OPEN to them.

4. Expect positive outcomes. I have learned a tremendous amount about positive outcomes through my coaching research. AND I have also begun to apply the concept to my own life. If you believe, and I mean truly believe (don’t just think about it) that you expect positive things from your life, you will enjoy positive outcomes. Will you have ONLY positive outcomes? Well, no. There is always a balance of positive experiences and difficult experiences (which is what we learn from). If you expect positive outcomes from the people you surround yourself with, the work you do each day, you will experience good in return.

So, what are your thoughts on these ideas? Do you believe you can create your own luck? Or do you think luck is more random?

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2 Responses to “Create your own luck!”

  1. Ashley says:

    Oooh, peppermint extract. That's a good idea. I put mint leaves in my green smoothie once and it did not turn out well =( The mint was a TERRible flavor! Blegh!

  2. admin says:

    Hey Ashley!

    Haven't tried the mint leaves but I've heard it can work! :) I am in LOVE with the peppermint extract though. It's such a true mint taste, mix with chocolate and it's a dream in a cup!

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