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Posted by Jenn @ livewellfit on February 12th, 2010
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H A P P Y   F R I D A Y ! ! ! ! !

I hope that the day is treating you well so far. I'm preparing a busy day ahead. I'm doing some practice coaching (woohoo!) around noon but before that I need to get my long Friday workout. Having some nourishment right now to fuel the body and then the fun begins!

I thought today felt like a good day to show you some pics. I made a promise that I would start posting them and I will fulfill said promise right here, right now. Not only did I take pictures of the making of my morning smoothie but I also took pics of my shopping trip from yesterday. I picked up quite a few things for the weekend so I thought maybe you would like to take a look in my shopping bags and then in the fridge. How does that sound?

The morning smoothie

I was ready for my daily monster first thing today. I woke up starving for some reason…sometimes that indicates that I may need a bit more food today or sometimes it just means my metabolism is on fire and my body is a burning!

Let me show you my smoothie creation process…

Getting all of the ingredients ready.

Hello there! (no laughing, it's early)

Ok, back to the serious stuff.

First, in to the blender goes my delicious almond milk + handfuls of spinach (I just stuff it all in there)

I always blend these 2 ingredients first to make sure that the spinach mixes really well. And it turns out looking like this…

Yum, milk + spinach. Then I add the next key ingredients: 1 scoop of Chocolate Shakeology nutritious powder of goodness, 1 frozen banana and maybe 5 or 6 ice cubes.

Uh huh. Now I blend this mixture like crazy for about 30 seconds or so.

Sometimes this blender goes so crazy as it blends that the bottom comes a bit loose. This is a problem over here.

But none of that matters because I give you…..MY FAVORITE MONSTER EVER!!!

This smoothie makes 2 full glasses that I am now enjoying on the couch as I write to you.

Chocolate, banana goodness! Notice I did not add in my peanut butter this morning. :) Well, I've been dreaming about peanut butter on toast this week so I will be having my fair share of peanut butter this afternoon. Don't you worry, rarely does a day go by where I do not ingest some level of peanut butter. So good so good!

Now for my shopping and kitchen tour!!!

I treated myself to Whole Foods yesterday. I could shop there everyday if you let me but lately we've been trying to be more aware of our spending so Whole Foods isn't on my current weekly list. But we were cooking meat last night and I try to always buy organic, humanely raised and fed meat. If I can be local, even better! So off to my dream store I went. Here's what I picked up…

Let's see…

  • eggs
  • squash
  • zucchini
  • bell peppers
  • spinach
  • tangelo
  • mangoes (2 for $4!)
  • strawberries (typically I don't buy these in the winter because they aren't in season but they looked too good!)
  • roasted red pepper tomato sauce
  • FAGE greek yogurt
  • rotisserie chicken
  • almond milk
  • PEANUT BUTTER!!! They were out of my fav though
  • fresh organic pork

Buying produce can be hard in the winter time because the selections are slightly less um colorful? In actuality, we have just as much produce to pick from now as we do in the summer. To see what produce is in season, this is a great site to start with. Here. While it can be more challenging to eat what is in season, it is soooo good for your body. The foods that are grown now are what nature intended for our bodies to eat. I try to make seasonal choices but as you can from my trip yesterday…the colorful bell peppers, squash, mangoes and strawberries were too tempting! I love all those colors and buying food that appeals to not only my stomach but my eyes creates more enjoyment for me. So, I do the best I can and try to be thoughtful when I buy. :)

Buying in season also allows you to support local farmers, which is my favorite part. Anytime I buy eggs, meat or produce I always pay attention to the signs that tell you where the food came from. Anything local…I get! It's a great way to support farmers, especially if you agree with how they grow their food. There is so much to learn out there about supporting our food market in a local, sustainable way. I'm learning a ton about these topics so I will share with you whatever I find! My favorite site right now is Local Harvest. Here is their link. This is a terrific site where you can find out about all the farming communities in your area, how to support them and how to eat cleaner food!

Back to the pics. Washed all of the fresh produce and into the fridge we went.

Sorry about some of the dark shadows in there.

One great tip that I have for your fridge: place your fresh fruits n veggies  in bowls or containers and put them on shelves so that when you open the fridge door…they are immediately available for you too see! When you open your fridge and see fresh options, your eye will be more attracted to all that good lookin food! This can help when you are hungry, aren't sure what you want to eat and you start rummaging around. Have your fridge stocked with foods that appeal to your eye and make sure you can see them every time you open the fridge! I even do this with snack items like my rotisserie chicken. I have a container in the fridge now with chicken sliced up and ready to go for sandwiches or a go-to snack. I'm more likely to eat it when it's already sliced rather than take the container out, slice my portion and so on.

A final few pics of our current food selection…

I know, there's a lot of beer in there. The fiance enjoys a large beer selection. We like to have options when we have guests over. :) The second pic is our pantry which is in desperate need of a makeover right now.

So there ya have it friends! I hope you have enjoyed checking out my smoothie morning and a recap of my shopping trip.

Have an awesome day! See you a bit later for the next installment of my eating journey! Gonna try to fit 15 years of my life into 1 more post. :)

Till then!

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