Rainy day + surprise guest

Posted by Jenn @ livewellfit on February 25th, 2010
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Hi friends!

Gosh it's already 9pm…how does time go as fast as it does!!! I sometimes think we haven't discovered a lost Newton law about the speed of time. Some days it sure feels faster than normal! :) Or maybe I'm just a bit "off." Either way..weird.

I started off this morning with a bang! Jumped out of bed and was thrilled to have had a FULL, GLORIOUS sleep. No loud neighbors, no wired brain at odd times. Just peaceful sleep.

I was on the phone for over 3 hours today working with my mentor coaching group…practicing a ton of new skills. Have I mentioned how much I love this material? Every day that I sink further into this program, l I feel that I am improving not only my skills but who I am. And that feels very right. Good stuff.

Ok, on to more entertaining things.

Sweat session

I felt so stinkin energized during my workout! Sometimes I wonder how much you would laugh if I recorded my excitement when I begin a Turbo workout. Something odd happens: the music starts, I turn it up as loud as I possibly can and the biggest smile creeps up on my face. It feels so good when you are that psyched about a workout! :) Tell me someone else out there feels the same way…

So after a solid 40 minute Turbo session I followed it with Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 2. Um, hi my name is Miss Tricep and you were not nice to me today. I hurt. :) Needless to say I fatigued at rep 10 on nearly every exercise. I upped my weights and pushed hard people! Fantastic!

By the afternoon I started to feel a bit run down again. Buggar, I don't know what is going on with this body! So what did I do? Oh yeah hun, I found me another fresh juice. A lovely mix of carrot, apple and ginger.

Followed by a delicious dinner and I'm feeling pretty darn good! I think my body is trying to get cranky but I ain't lettin' it! I hope you caught the fantastic Texas accent in that comment. I ain't lettin' it! :)

I've been cooking like a mad woman these past few months. It's been super fun experimenting (I have a lot to learn!) so I thought I would show you my current cookbook collection. I am loving some of the recipes out of these books!

Surprise guest arrived today!

I will start with one fact: I have felt rather off this week so I do attribute some of my thoughts towards that.

I was going about my day, feeling focused and all sorts of good after my phone calls and then BAM…out of nowhere a surprise guest was in my mind. Say hello to negative chatter. Nice to meet ya again, it's been a while! Fat talk, downer responses, and one crummy outlook engulfed my head. Nothing in particular happened to bring any of this on, it just happened! I know you can relate to this. Within an hour, I had not only destroyed my motivation and excitement about coaching but I also became a girl who wasn't thin enough, strong enough, smart enough. Enough enough enough of anything! I thought about whether to discuss this with all of you but I decided to be forthcoming and honest. I can't create a blog where I'm covering up hard moments simply because I want to cheerful and fabulous, now can I?

So, lets get real here. How do we handle this? How do you take control of the negative self chatter or tough self talk? I know you friends have brilliant ideas so bring it on! Share what you do!

Personally? Well, it's taken a long time for me to recognize the negative chatter AND then do something about it. :) Ultimately what has worked for me is rather simple. I make an interception. Yep, just like the football players do…I intercept the darn ball and I take over. I stop the chatter and immediately replace it with something else. Whether I am walking, standing or moving, I stop what I am doing and I make a conscious choice to replace those thoughts.¬†Sometimes this doesn't happen immediately or easily (today for example it was a few hours before I effectively stopped the chatter) but it does work.

Replacing your thoughts. Sounds nice and easy, right? ¬†It does take work! Sometimes I replace the negative thought with a positive one. No better way to rid negative than with a positive. I try to make the positive thought one that resonates with me and feels powerful. Make sense? For example, today I was not happy with this body of mine. It didn't look good or feel good. I should be more fit, have more muscle, look better in my jeans, etc..instead of letting those thoughts overwhelm the moment, my mood and my decisions I sat down and celebrated my body! I quickly listed 7 things that are awesome about my body and I read them about 10 times. After a short 5 minutes, my energy had changed entirely. My body felt relaxed, in control and strong again. And…I was smiling.

And then there are the days where I redirect my energy. I move my thoughts towards a new direction that makes me feel fabulous! What makes me feel fabulous? I call a friend, take a bubble bath, journal, do something special for a stranger (like leave Operation Beautiful notes!), get my sweat on, snuggle close to the fiance, attack my to do list, call my mom. Basically I find activities that help redirect and distract my mind towards areas that are important to me. This redirect fills me with goodness and satisfaction. I am reminded of what I value and love.

So, your turn! What do you do when the negative chatter overwhelms your mind?

I think it is time for me to retire!

Tomorrow should be a grand, rainy and maybe even snowy day. :) See ya!

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4 Responses to “Rainy day + surprise guest”

  1. Sue says:

    You're not alone in your excitement about working out. I get the same way and my friends/family/co-workers think I am nuts!

  2. Well thank you for the confirmation Sue. :) I'm happy to hear that us crazies can unite!

  3. annecalista says:

    I remind myself that those types of thoughts don't deserve my time :-)

  4. I LOVE THAT!!! You simply do not need to put your energy towards them. That is fabulous :)

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