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Posted by Jenn @ livewellfit on February 19th, 2010
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Good evening friends!

How is life on this fine day?? I just finished catching up on LOST this week…any fans out there? Oh my goodness, you must tell me your theories! I am confused as all and I cannot even begin to guess what is going to happen let alone how they are going to wrap this whole thing up. :) I think I am watching at this point merely for curiosity sake!

Do you have any favorite shows to speak of? We don't really watch regular shows right now but I'm up for suggestions!

Workout Challenge CONTINUES!

So I'm losing count. By my calendar this is day 11 since I officially started the challenge but I started blogging about it a day later. Hmm…I am going to stick with my calendar for sanity sake. Day 11 is today! I did take measurements on day 1 so I'll be sure to post a full end result show and give you my digits, my take on the what I did, how it worked and all that jazz. Should be grand!

Today I decided to change up the cardio and I last minute ran to the gym for a spinning class. I hadn't taken a live class in over 3 months so I was a bit worried about my endurance as well as my toe!

Say hi Jenn! On my way to class holding my faithful friend…the BPA Free Camelback. Heart thee.

Result = FANTASTIC! Everything felt great, including the pinky toe! This instructor had so much energy and played some great tunes. It's all about the tunes, isn't it!

I decided walking out of class that I am going to get my spinning certification this year. I was waiting for my toe to heal and it seems to be in great shape so it's time baby! I completed my CPR certification last night AND I just got notice that I passed my AFAA certification!! Woohoo! I can now go to any gym and teach baby! :) Watch out Boston!

Meals on the fly

My CPR class was scheduled from 6-10:30 last night. Smack in the middle of dinner. Eating at 5:30 is a bit too early for me, plus I knew I was going to be on the train getting out to class at that point, so I knew I had to come up with dinner somehow. This got me thinking. I always used to stress about bringing meals to go, whether it was at work, on the road…I would always freak out now knowing what I should pack, how much, what variety, what if it isn't enough, how do I keep things warm or cold. Blah blah blah. I would go on and basically convince myself that eating healthy to-go or on the road was simply too much! What would I do? Try to find something decent wherever I was which would only work say 40% of the time. The other 60% of the time I would try to wait to get home, find myself famished and eating the nachos from 7-11 before I even paid for them! That stuff is dangerous friends. You can't even call that cheese. It's like play cheese, or plastic cheese.

Needless to say, there are days where you might want to eat well or save money by eating your own food. The more I cook for myself and prepare my own food, the more I want to eat that food because of how good it makes me feel! Don't worry, I still LOVE eating out and do often but when I'm on the go…I want good energy these days.

So, how does one do this while on the road, traveling or rushing from place to place WITHOUT putting yourself in overdrive prepping food in advance?

Here are a few of my tips that I have started using to help me:

1. Keep it simple sweetie! No need to go gourmet on the road! Stick to your basics that you enjoy, food you typically always have in the fridge and items that you look forward to! There is nothing like packing up a whole meal of food you actually don't like all that much, and find yourself in the car driving past Wendy's and suddenly making a B-line for the chocolate frosty! So, look for easy foods that you really look forward to! I call these foods my attractive foods- not matter how I'm feeling, I love you!

  • Ezekiel bread + peanut butter
  • Sandwich with hummus + apple slices + turkey
  • Greek yogurt + honey + strawberries + granola

2. Find containers that don't leak and have a variety of sizes. How many times have you packed up a salad only to find that the dressing spilled inside your purse on the way to work? Oh I used to love those mornings! Take a little bit of extra time and money to shop for containers that have solid lids that lock and get yourself size options! Have a container for salads, soup, sandwiches, sliced fruit and yogurt OR whatever you enjoy! There are some great options out there now that are glass containers with solid plastic lids. :)

3. Just stay balanced. We often put a lot of pressure on ourselves to eat healthy, don't we? I mean, what does healthy really look like? Well, it's different for everyone. Looks different to me and looks different to my friend who hates peanut butter (weird!). Instead of trying to find the perfect healthy meal to go with no sugar, no fat, no calories, simply no nutrients…focus on some of the major food groups and try to include most of them! Here is how I approach this:

  • Start with your protein source. I¬†need protein to full satisfied. This could be sliced deli meat, veggie burger, greek yogurt, hard boiled egg, black beans, etc..
  • Add some colorful veggies. That's the best part about veggies. If you have variety in your veggie selection, your food will always look more colorful and more appealing to your eyes! Incorporate as much color as you can!
  • Throw in a complex carbohydrate if needed. I don't always have grains at meal time. It depends on my workout, how I'm feeling in general or simply what my body is asking for. If I want some grains I'll usually pick from granola, oats, quinoa, Ezekiel bread or rice.
  • A dash of fat. Um um good. I love fat. Give your food flavor or texture with a bit of fat. Fat has such a bad rap but if you are eating food that is not harassed in any way (no chemicals, additives, modification), you don't really need to worry about fat! My favs: avocado, peanut butter.

And that's it! Just to show how simple this can be, I took some pics as I prepped my meal yesterday for CPR. It was Ash Wednesday so I do not have meat on that day. I knew I wanted some good quality protein and my choices were limited. So I quickly grabbed some frozen shrimp and threw that in the skillet for about 4 minutes…

Chopped up some of the cutest mini bell peppers with hummus on the side…

These are my new favorite peppers. They are adorable! So crunchy and sweet. I picked these up at CostCo if you can believe it!

Threw together some leftover roasted sweet potato chunks and then some green peas for extra GREEN!

All together now…

Packed all the goodies in a small bag, threw in my utensils and a napkin..then I was out the door,¬†fabulous dinner in tow! It tasted mighty fine, if I might add. :) So next time you are thinking about meals on the go…let go of the pressure, keep it simple and try to stay balanced. Then, go enjoy that mighty fine food of yours!

Alright…off to make a GIANT GREEN MONSTER FOR DINNER! It's what I'm craving so it's what I'm having!!

Have a wonderful night, see ya tomorrow!

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2 Responses to “On the Go!”

  1. My fiance and I watch a TON of shows lol…..lets see if I can name them all for you. House, How I Met Your Mother, Accidentally on Purpose, Big Bang Theory, Biggest Loser, So You Think You Can Dance (when its on), The Office, Community, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation. ::phew:: My three favs right now are HOUSE, Biggest Loser, and Community.

    Congrats on your certifications! Are there certain classes you would like to teach (aside from spinning)?

  2. Such a great TV list!!! THANKS! :)

    In terms of classes I want to do spinning, TurboKick, PiYo (a version of pilates and yoga of sorts) and then some bootcamp classes. Should be a blast!!

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