Jenn's 30 day workout challenge

Posted by Jenn @ livewellfit on February 8th, 2010
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Good EVENING! :)

Hope you've had a fantastic day. Mine was a combo of expected and unexpected. I did get a ton done but you know the thing with big todo lists- sometimes your items take a lot longer than you anticipate so my list isn't quite complete as of yet but it's still early!

One of the greatest pieces of advice someone gave me once was setting realistic expectations for your day and to do list. Don't set yourself up with mega schedule that no one in their right mind can complete in a given day, let alone a week. We all have such busy, hectic lives! Do we still want to be productive and get things done? Well of course! But when you look at your schedule for the day or for the week, depending on when you plan your todo's, make sure you really think about the time involved. Do you really have an hour to drop of the dry cleaning, grocery shop and pick up things at the hardware shop or do you only have 20 minutes? Pick the highest priority items, get those things crossed off and then move forward accordingly. Just make it manageable! I used to write up todo lists that I would rarely to NEVER complete. I can't tell you how defeating that was! My ways have changed and I am much more thoughtful in what I tackle each day. The one requirement: EVERY SINGLE DAY I HAVE A LIST! That is where all the greatness happens.

Ok, on to some exciting, new plans for me. I sat down this afternoon and wrote out my workout schedule for the next 4 weeks. I am committing to this written plan and I will be a faithful gal to my word! Don't you worry, I only have planned what I have time for or am willing to make time for! One huge, critical, enormously important piece to fitting in your exercise routine: PLAN FOR IT! Schedule it and make it an appointment that you must keep! We do this for our friends, the doctor and at work all day long! Why should our health or our fitness goals be any less important? Make the time that you deserve my friends, even if it's 20 minutes. Give yourself that!

So, I am starting a new hybrid mix of my all time fav Beachbody workouts: I'm combining my first love TurboJam with my second love Chalean Extreme. Take a look at my coaching page to learn all about both of these. Here. I have completed 2 full rounds of Chalean Extreme but this time I want to kick it up a notch and do it Turbo style! Chalean Extreme is a 12 week program that involves 3 levels of strength training circuits (you progress up through the 3 levels) as well as higher intensity interval cardio workouts. I'm adding in more cardio ONLY because I know my body enjoys it and will like the challenge. I would not recommend this much cardio for someone starting off NOR is it expected that anyone needs to workout 60-90 minutes on a given day. You can change your entire body with only 10, 20, 30, or 40 minutes a day! Don't ever feel that you need more time. You don't need it! This is just me.. a slight fitness and Beachbody junkie having some fun. :)

Coupled with my workout schedule will be some wholesome nutrition changes. I've been putting a ridiculous amount of pressure on myself to eat a certain way, be a certain person or make certain choices all because of this new career change. I find myself caught in a cycle that I haven't been in for a while now. A dangerous cycle. What I've forgotten is the reason I got here in the first place: whole foods + tasty foods + foods that make me feel incredible + exercise = healthy, fit body! I finally learned this lesson after years and years of doing things differently. I'll save the whole story for another day but I don't ever want to be that person again. Nowadays, I don't count calories, demand protein at every meal, cut carbs or even sugar for that matter! I eat REAL food! You won't find much boxed or packaged food in our pantry. I try to shop once a week for the hot ticket items- our dinners and the basic ingredients for my favorite meals. If I suddenly decide that I want to make burritos for lunch, I'll simply run to the store and get the necessary FRESH ingredients! I make it easy and simple. I do think planning ahead can be incredibly helpful, especially if you have a hectic schedule (who doesn't!) but I don't follow a strict eating pattern or diet. I just try to be as real as I can and take care of my body! It always repays me x100 when I do that.

My point: I've been straying from the above attitude for weeks now. It's silly, stupid, downright childish if you ask me. But we all get mixed up in the wrong emotions at times. I'll admit it! I can over think food sometimes (a result of my 15 years of dieting) and suddenly donuts, ice cream, cake, cookies, chips and such are what I'm craving only because my mind is leaning towards a more restrictive pattern. The result, Jenn is a very unhappy and emotional girl. It can be a vicious cycle and I have been in that world for so long. Gosh, if anyone out there is reading and can relate to this or feels that you are caught in anything unhealthy know this: you deserve better! Reach out to your support system, reach out to me even! I'm here, I've been there and I would be so honored to talk with anyone about those experiences. If not me, talk to someone who will support you exactly how you are now and help you discover new ways!

So this is what I am committing to this month:

– the below workout schedule

– a REAL, whole foods focus in the kitchen

– daily reports HERE on my workouts, some foods and just overall how things are going

And finally, here is the Workout Sched

I'm still working out some kinks on this computer so a pdf file is the way to go tonight. Let me know if ya can't get to the schedule!

By the way: if any of you beloved readers or new friends are up for a challenge of your own, email me! I will personally help you create a plan for these next 30 days!

I hope you enjoy this next 4 week ride! It should be a fun one!

As always, please email or ask any questions! I'm always here. :)

For the rest of the night I will be working on my smoothie page which I hope to have up and running before tomorrow!
See ya!

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2 Responses to “Jenn's 30 day workout challenge”

  1. Amy Moore says:

    Hi Jenn,

    I would love for you to help me with creating a plan for the next 4 weeks. I am hoping to run a 5K on 3/20- and started training with run/walk intervals! (I ran this 5K last year and prepared fairly well, and am trying to get reinspired to train for this one!) It helps me that I have a goal in mind! I also am focusing on eating better and trying to lose weight. I would appreciate and inspiration/input that you can give me!


  2. Hi Amy!

    Thanks for stopping by. Why don't you tell me a bit about your current fitness routine and habits. That's always a good place to start! If you would like, you can email me: Either way works for me! :)

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