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Posted by Jenn @ livewellfit on February 11th, 2010
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Good evening! :)

Goodness, I did not expect to be sitting down to write this post at 9pm. I was supposed to say hello to you much earlier than this! Alas, my day turned out to be much more involved than I thought. I think I have spent close to 4 hours on the phone today…all related to coaching but still, phew! I'm tired and ready to crash.

I didn't even get to my workout until 6:30! Crazy! But oh was it a good one. Let's talk details.

I started with a mini Turbo session. I thought about doing a different type cardio but the energetic music and the lovely Chalene were calling my name! So I modified the sections a bit and cut out 1 of them to make it closer to 30 minutes rather than the full 45. Needed to save some energy for Chalean Extreme! Tonight was Burn 2. Biceps, triceps, lunges, squats and a gazillion rows. My gosh was I hurtin! By the last exercise (a forward lunge with a one arm row) I had sweat literally dripping down my forehead, to my nose and then in a nice pool on the ground in front of me. Now THAT is a hard workout! I can't tell you how good it felt! Some of you may think that sounds like absolute torture but I can tell you this, it does hurt but it is so worth it!

New idea today for you friends…I am thinking about running a challenge through this blog and facebook: a Chalean Extreme challenge. I would create the workout schedule and plan for those involved. Of course there will be awesome prizes at the end of the 12 week period. All you would have to do is get yourself the program and follow my plan! The end result: fabulous, strong body of course! Any takers? EMAIL ME!

Next topic. Nutrition today was spot on! I felt so awesome. I started with soft boiled eggs (my current love for the am) and fruit, followed by a MONSTROUS green monster for lunch (sticking with the chocolate, banana, peanut butter combo). Snacks were bell peppers and hummus. Dinner…yummo. I baked chicken in a 3 mustard sauce (simply mix your 3 favorite mustards in a bowl and baste on the chicken), roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes. I feel incredibly good right now. More satisfied than I have felt in a long time actually. Love it!

So, tomorrow I would like to dedicate my post topic to something that is very important to me: emotional eating. I thought I would start with some food for thought…

Check out the below video clip by Chalene Johnson. Can ya tell I like this gal yet? She posted this today on her blog. I have struggled with emotional eating ever since highschool and it has led me down some tough paths. I know that there are so many people out there who face the challenges of emotional eating each and everyday. Tomorrow I will offer my story, resources and ways that I have overcome this struggle. Take a look…

Emotional eating clip

I hope you all have a great night (or day if you are reading on Thursday!). I will see you at some point tomorrow for a nice chat, day 3 of the challenge and anything else fancy that I come up with!


P.S. I took some pics today of my green monster! Next step..upload. :)

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2 Responses to “Day 2 + hot topic”

  1. Jenn,
    I love the idea of a Chalean Extreme challenge. I briefly looked at a couple of blogs describing the workouts. I'll have to look into it a bit more, but it may be something I'd be interested in getting involved in. Currently, I ride a stationary bike in the morning for my cardio and attend a Krav Maga class twice a week but metabolically I know my body needs more cardio. Thanks for the great tips.

  2. Hey Deana!
    Definitely check the program out. It is one of the most comprehensive at home programs I've ever completed. It kicks your behind but teaches you so many awesome things about strength building, why we need muscle in our bodies and how it's okay to life HEAVY! I have completed it twice and have so many tips and ideas after those experiences so hit me up with any questions!

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