Vitamix giveaway…what?

Posted by Jenn @ livewellfit on January 30th, 2010
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So call me crazy…double post in one day. It's a first for livewellfit!!! I just discovered this give away that is going on and felt the need to spread the word as far as I could!

Have any of you experienced the Vitamix blender? It's the blender of ALL blenders. I have been watching this baby for close to a year now and somehow, somewhere I will own a blender in the near future. Anyways, to the point Jenn.

Chocolate Covered Katie is a fabulous vegan bloggie who shares incredible recipes and a balanced way of eating- vegan style that is. I have such a great deal to learn from those who follow a vegetarian and vegan way of eating. I am watching Food Inc tomorrow and so I imagine I will have more to say on that note in the near future. In due time. So, Katie is offering a Vitamix giveaway. Oh my goodness jump on this people! The only drawback: you must sign up for it today! :) But if you are dedicated like me in bringing the Vitamix into your life, you will find a way.

Go to her lovely blog and check out how you might win one yourself! You can enter here. And while you are visiting her blog, check out the pancake recipes. I tried the Oatmeal Crepe Cakes for one- TO DIE FOR PEOPLE! I will speak to my love for oatmeal another day but it is incredible what you can do with rolled oats. Pancakes everyday!!! Check out her recipes!

Okay, back to my Saturday evening. Off to find some delicious food!


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