Intuitive Nourishment & Health Coaching

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on April 15th, 2011
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Hello friends… It's been too long. My apologies for being swept into the craziness of life. I have so many wonderful things happening and my coaching practice is growing at an unexpectedly fast rate! I have also been taking some time away from technology to delicately find that thing we are always chasing- balance! Oh […]

Berry Breakfast Bake

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on February 21st, 2011
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Happy Monday friends! I hope you had a most enjoyable weekend! A few glorious topics for today… Live Well Fit Now Success Story As some of you may know I have been working with a life/career coach for two years now. Her name is Marilyn. I've actually known Marilyn for 5 years and have been […]

Choosing your voice

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on February 16th, 2011
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I bid you hello from what is likely to be a 45 degree sunny day in Boston. The February Thaw has begun and I think spring might be peeking around the corner. Just maybe… I have a fun topic to chat about today, one┬áthat I have learned a great deal about and have also been […]

Institute for Integrative Nutrition, nice to meet ya!

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on January 10th, 2011
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Today marks a glorious day. Not only was I successfully able to take the Christmas tree through our home, down our four flights of stairs and down the alley to the trash area WITHOUT covering every square inch with pine needles. SUCCESS! …I am also beginning a new program that I could not be more […]


Posted by Jennifer Campoli on January 3rd, 2011
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Normalcy… That is what I need today. The streak of holidays has finally come to an end and though I would do it all over again in a heartbeat- I am ready for my routine back. I'm craving productivity, todo lists, goals, home cooked goodness, a long run, gallons of water and maybe some advil […]