Going fitness crazy

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on October 26th, 2010
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Let's start with the mess I made… The front view The back view The worthwhile creation! Friends, GM and I lost had grown apart for the past few months but now he is back. He is greener and tastier than EVER! Though I often make a mess during the creative moment- the taste, the experience […]

Hawaiian Stuffed Peppers

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on October 18th, 2010
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Why hello there! Happy Monday to ya. How was your weekend? Full of some good moments I hope? I had a lazy at home night with the hubby on Friday (love those!), a most splendid afternoon and evening with friend on Saturday followed by a visit to the dog park with my brother and his […]

10 things you didn't know about ME

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on October 14th, 2010
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Mornin! How goes it thus far? I'm getting myself ready for a spinning class in about an hour. My Mad Dogg certification is 2 weeks away (big realization today!) so my focus of late has been time on the bike. And I'm secretly falling very, very much in love with spinning. Teaching will be awesome! […]