IE: Reject the Diet Mentality

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on May 6th, 2010
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Afternoon friends! After nearly 4 hours of running around Boston, downtown and Cambridge I am home! One of my biggest complaints about our subway system here in Boston is that there aren't enough lines! It takes way too long to get to certain places compared to other thriving systems such as NYC. Anywho…enough complaining. Last […]

Campaign for HEALTHY body image…

Posted by Jenn @ livewellfit on March 13th, 2010
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A campaign for healthy body image… This desire for men and women, boys and girls is spreading throughout the world. We have somehow lost our definition of what real beauty is. We have somehow lost the natural ability to see beauty in ourselves. Boys and girls are growing up with distorted perceptions of beauty, body […]

Self esteem & savoring moments…

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on March 11th, 2010
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Hi there! Good day so far, I hope? I'm getting back in the swing of things after an unbelievable vacation starting in Texas and ending in beautiful Maine! I spent the day yesterday with my sis in law and her beautiful boys. We had a BLAST! I thought about stealing her boys home with me […]