3 Simple Kale Recipes

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on March 30th, 2011
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Last week I bought a giant bag of THIS Glorious, glorious green kale.  I have fallen in love with this veggie. It's the prettiest lettuce I've ever seen and it also happens to have some of the most stellar nutrients known to man. Allow me to share some of the benefits of this green leaf. […]

Homemade maple apple peanut butter

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on March 7th, 2011
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Peanut butter…something I dream about, think about, talk about, write about and even sing about on some days. How I love thee. I was a changed little girl the day my mom handed me a spoon in one hand and a jar of peanut butter in the other. Here only instructions: dip. Oh so delicious! […]

Amaranth + Popped Cereal

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on March 3rd, 2011
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Friends…I love experimenting in the kitchen. But I haven't always felt that way. I used to be oh so scared of cookbooks, ingredients, oven temps and meal failures. But I have finally realized that the kitchen is our very own Wellness Center! A place to play and to learn. The kitchen is one of the […]

Hawaiian Chicken

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on March 2nd, 2011
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Well hello there! I've been spending the last few days at home in Texas. It has been glorious! Family, friends, good food, warm sunshine. When I'm home we cook. So this week is all about the food. And the funniest brother and sister I have ever seen. Meet Enzo and Chloe Enzo is my mom's […]

Berry Breakfast Bake

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on February 21st, 2011
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Happy Monday friends! I hope you had a most enjoyable weekend! A few glorious topics for today… Live Well Fit Now Success Story As some of you may know I have been working with a life/career coach for two years now. Her name is Marilyn. I've actually known Marilyn for 5 years and have been […]