Mindful eating exercise

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on March 10th, 2011
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  source When I began to learn more in depth about Intuitive Eating and the philosophy behind it, I was introduced to the idea of mindful eating. Similar to IE, mindful eating involves a present, deliberately aware eating experience.¬†Mindfulness in general, is the idea of becoming in tuned both internally and externally to your world/environment […]

A festive salad

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on December 8th, 2010
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Your body is incredible. Did you know that? Did you tell yourself that today? 'Cause it is. I find mine fascinating! It guides me, allows me to move, tells me what it needs, tells me when to slow down or speed up, signals when it needs food, signals when it doesn't, builds strength, builds endurance, […]

The best vacation moments

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on November 22nd, 2010
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Being present is not always easy. We are often so wrapped up in our own mind thinking, wondering, worrying, stressing, excusing, hoping, wishing. That voice in our head is louder than the friends around us or the precious moment in front of us. Being present is not always easy but oh is it worth it! […]