Become a health and nutrition coach

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on March 23rd, 2011
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It's been a few days friends. I have missed you. Last week some dear friends experienced a great loss that took me away from the computer, social media, and everything to do with technology. I needed a break. I needed to focus on those in my life that I loved and wanted to be close […]

Observe without emotion

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on February 25th, 2011
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I was introduced to an idea that has become very powerful not only in my life but also in many of my clients. The idea? To observe without emotion. When I learned about observing without emotion I was sitting in Nancy Clark’s office last October. I guess you could say I was having a bit […]

Listen and provide

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on December 29th, 2010
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My body is ready for the holidays to move on. The thought of sugar is truly not appealing. The idea of eating out in a restaurant is the last thing I want to do. For once. I can tell what my body is asking for. And it's ALL THIS…. And this Maybe even some of […]

Did you really eat all of that?

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on December 22nd, 2010
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Mornin' I woke up with about a billion things I wanted to share with you all today. Alas, I cannot write them all so let's start with my top favorite. This past weekend was full of celebration. My birthday, my mom was here, the weekend before Christmas, the Nutcracker, baked sweets, time with family, a […]

A festive salad

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on December 8th, 2010
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Your body is incredible. Did you know that? Did you tell yourself that today? 'Cause it is. I find mine fascinating! It guides me, allows me to move, tells me what it needs, tells me when to slow down or speed up, signals when it needs food, signals when it doesn't, builds strength, builds endurance, […]