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Posted by Jennifer Campoli on April 15th, 2011
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Hello friends…

It's been too long.

My apologies for being swept into the craziness of life. I have so many wonderful things happening and my coaching practice is growing at an unexpectedly fast rate!

I have also been taking some time away from technology to delicately find that thing we are always chasing- balance!

Oh balance is such a mysterious concept!

Over the past few months my personal time had started to blend with work and with my computer/phone. I became the girl who was glued to her iphone while crossing the street and checking out at the grocery store. I swear my fingers function differently now that I spend most days either typing on my laptop or using the touch screen. :) I'm evolving!

Needless to say it was time to step away and reassess.

I was also putting a great deal of energy towards my coaching practice and my studies at IIN.

This is a most incredible time for me and I can feel the energy and how things are starting to happen!

This week I spent most days working on my new Holistic Health Coaching website. I would be honored if you would stop by and check it out!

With that new website came my new business name: Intuitive Nourishment & Health

Oh my I love that name! Here's why…


My journey with health has brought me to an incredible place. A place where I have come to hear, understand and learn from my intuitive wisdom. The inner voice. The real me!

That intuitive voice can guide us to a beautiful place of health. I am getting closer and closer every day and that is what I want to bring to every individual I have the chance to work with!


Nourishment is everything that fuels us! Food, care, love, time, balance, rest. Nourishment of all forms. The best part of health coaching is helping someone discover how powerful nourishment can be in every area of our life. Food alone won't heal us. Exercise alone won't heal us. But in combination with self care and love- that is where we find that place of health, balance and vitality!


I am taking a slight break from regular blogging over here. My goal is to fully integrate my new website with this blog. Everything blended perfectly together!

I hope that you will continue to follow me once I make the full move over to Intuitive Nourishment & Health. You have all helped me grow so much this past year and a half. :)

Till next time!

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  1. Anna says:

    I am excited to hear about your new business! Balance is such an evolving concept in life :)

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