Sweet Obsession

Posted by Jenn @ livewellfit on February 26th, 2010
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Hola! We are getting slammed with a TON of rain here in Boston. Outside of the city it is snow so I guess I can't complain but tomorrow a snow storm is supposed to arrive and we are expected to be snowy all weekend long. I'm hoping, wishing and praying that this might be our […]

Insanity goes LIVE!

Posted by Jenn @ livewellfit on February 25th, 2010
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Morning friends… Just a quick post for now. I have to share this video because I LOVE this guy! Shaun T, the creator of the Beachbody program Insanity, was on the Tyra Banks show earlier this week. He is positively ADORABLE but don't let that sway you…he will kick your booty like no one else […]

Rainy day + surprise guest

Posted by Jenn @ livewellfit on February 25th, 2010
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Hi friends! Gosh it's already 9pm…how does time go as fast as it does!!! I sometimes think we haven't discovered a lost Newton law about the speed of time. Some days it sure feels faster than normal! Or maybe I'm just a bit "off." Either way..weird. I started off this morning with a bang! Jumped […]

Celebrate today!

Posted by Jennifer Campoli on February 24th, 2010
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Evening over there! How has today treated ya? I hope well! Tomorrow is hump day which brings us just that much closer to the weekend! And to the month of March. Can you believe it is here already? Madness! Though March means spring is around the corner so I don't care how fast time flies…I […]

Tracking progress

Posted by Jenn @ livewellfit on February 23rd, 2010
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Evening friends~ Phew…finally sitting back down after a long day. Monday is always hectic! But a good hectic because it is Well Coaches day. It never fails, I always leave that call feeling excited, motivated and energized to do more! I think that is a good sign that I'm in the right place, no? I […]